Challenge: Double Agents

Is Season 36 On the Way? Bear Seems to Think So

I’m just sitting here. Waiting for some news on Season 35. Meanwhile, Season 36 might be in the early stages of production.

Stephen Bear took to social media to post some more personal details about his life. Included in the mix was an alleged phone call he received.

According to Bear, he’s been playing around for the past three seasons, and is ready to come back stronger than ever… in 10 weeks. Looks like we have our first clue. Season 36 is on its way and if Bear isn’t lying we’re looking at a late April filming date.

Take this information with a grain of salt. He could be referring to something else (although I don’t know what else), production could change the date, or he could just be lying. However, Bear has a record of having loose lips so I am inclined to think there’s some truth here. Plus, he’s probably on the short list of people production really wants. They love him, and he’s been causing some stirs recently.

Keep your eyes and ears open. We may be hearing more about Season 36 very soon.

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