The Challenge

Leroy and Kam are Together?

It looks like Kamroy is back in full swing!

The two have both posted pictures on Instagram recently implying they’re dating.

Leroy and Kam

Leroy’s caption is a simple “nothing like it πŸ–€” while Kam simply wrote “Happy.” These captions are pretty ambiguous, but the comments from other cast members seem to tell the story.

Cara Maria wrote “This means the world to me,” Ashley wrote “Oh my God!!!!!!! 😭😭😭 im crying,” Morgan wrote “Oh my God!!!!!!! 😭😭😭 im crying,” and Rogan wrote “It’s about fucking time you sexy bastards! ❀️❀️❀️.” Kam also commented on Leroy’s post with a simple “ILY.”

So nothing is 100% official, but you can build your own story. I think it seems like they’re in a real relationship, and after War of the Worlds 2 it’s clear there’s some serious chemistry between the two. I am so happy for these two, and wish them nothing but happiness. They truly two of the best people from The Challenge.

We will see what happens in due time, and let’s hope we see it unfold on The Challenge.


  1. Considering how rotten she was to him on WOTW2 I don’t necessarily love this. I love Leroy, and I was pretty ambivalent about her other than how I felt that she kind of overrated herself using all of her killer and queen nicknames. But after watching her bully him so badly, I lost respect for her. I can’t be in his shoes, but I just hope he knows what he’s doing because that was just straight-up abuse. Verbal abuse of course but abuse none the less. Racing in and getting in his face and berating him for having the unmitigated Gall to actually hang out at a bar and talk to his friend of 10 years! I understand that living under a microscope in that house especially being in the midst of all that politicking and stress over trying to manage your position in the game, that clearly makes people act, behave, and speak in ways that they might not normally. Let’s just hope that that was an isolated incident and that she realizes that she was out of line. For Leroy’s sake. He seems like a genuinely good guy and I want the best for him.

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