Challenge: Total Madness

Why is Asaf Goren Debuting on Total Madness?

In 2016, Asaf Goren appeared as one of the contestants on season 4 of Are You the One? Four years later he’s making his Challenge debut.

This seems like a long gap between his first MTV appearance and Challenge debut, but in that time Asaf has been quite busy. I’m sure he would have done a Challenge because he agrees to do every reality show, but he has kept himself busy nonetheless.

The weirdest thing about his debut: MTV doesn’t even acknowledge his Are You the One? appearance.

Asaf even had a brief fling with Tori on Are You the One? The two went into the truth booth, only to discover they were not a perfect match. He then reappeared on Are You the One? Second Chances. Again, Tori was there, though their interactions were minimal this time around. Asaf and Kaylen weren’t exactly strong competitors, but he did survive half of the season.

Asaf Are You the One Second Chances

Asaf is making his debut now because of his successes on international TV shows, not because he was on Are You the One? Most importantly, he won Big Brother Israel VIP, their “celebrity” version. He also won Ninja Warrior VIP, a celebrity and international version of the show.

Season 35 was originally supposed to be a continuation of the “War of the Worlds” saga, and Asaf would serve as an international addition to the show. We can even see the Israeli flag on his jersey, and all other competitors will have their nation’s flag on their jersey.

Asaf really should have done War of the Worlds instead of one of the US competitors. He would have represented an entirely different nation on a season that was supposed to have an international theme. Though his ability to compete on Big Brother Israel paid off.

Asaf Big Brother

Perhaps we could see a new Asaf this time around. He might have learned to be a competitor, rather than the joke we saw on AYTO? Second Chances.


  1. International BB is very different from US/Canada BB. They don’t necessarily compete in competitions like they do in the US. They nominate each other than the viewers vote who to evict.

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