Challenge: Total Madness

Johnny Bananas Teases Huge Announcement Prior to Total Madness

Total Madness marks the 20th season of The Challenge for Johnny Bananas. Coming into this milestone season, he has some news.


In a recent article with People, Bananas talked about how a piece of him dies with each Challenge season and how he has a higher calling. Does he say exactly what he means? No.

Remember, The Challenge premiers tonight. April 1st. This is April Fool’s Day. Despite being 37 years old, Johnny Bananas is the type of person who would love the excuse to pull a prank. However, his article with people seems deliberately vague and doesn’t have the shock value of an April Fool’s Day prank. Plus, if Bananas makes his announcement on the episode, he had no way of knowing Total Madness would premier on April Fool’s Day.

While the season was filming, Bananas was rumored to have mentioned this would be his last season. Perhaps it was part of his strategy, but given the rumor of a “big announcement,” I’m guessing this is the news he is preparing us to hear. His whole article with People points to this.

So, are we looking at the end of an era? I think we might be. Bananas is finding success in other areas of his career, and The Challenge is becoming increasingly difficult with each season. His time in a bunker may have been the final straw.

Even if Bananas does announce his retirement, I’m not sure it will really be the end. After 20 seasons, it’s safe to say he’s an addict. He might crawl back to the show.

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