Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas Joins ‘Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.’

The Challenge has been good to Johnny Bananas, but it hasn’t taught him how to cook. Food Network is up to the challenge, or at least they’re going to try.

Food Network has released their upcoming cast and Bananas is joining six other “celebrities” to prove he’s the best of the worst. The Winner gets $25,000 and bragging rights.

Perhaps Bananas will learn a thing or two on the show, and be able to good Morgan a meal at home. Or, he might crash and burn his food. Regardless, we know Bananas enters any competition trying to win.

The funny thing, Asaf was on a prior season of Worst Cooks in America. He just wasn’t a “celebrity.”

Asaf Worst Cooks


  1. Bananas is actually a pretty good cook in real life. He’ll sometimes show himself cooking on Instagram or lately, live stream himself cooking tutorials on Twitch.

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