Challenge: Total Madness

Can a Bananas & Wes Alliance Work?

For the “first time ever,” Johnny Bananas and Wes have decided to put their rivalry to the side and work together.

The two veterans have a history of battling against each other. On Total Madness, they’re going to try to battle against the other people rather than target each other. In episode one, we even saw Bananas console Wes.

Bananas Wes Alliance

This begs the question, can this actually work?

In an answer, yes, it can. Any alliance can work, but it just depends upon loyal the two allies can be.

Despite what we saw on TV, the two have worked together in the past. On Rivals, Wes was paired with Kenny. This forced Wes into the JEK alliance. Wes’s biggest ally, Nehemiah, was paired with Evan, this made it easy for Wes to work with Bananas’s crew.

For the bulk of the season, the two played nice. It wasn’t until the end of the game that there was a riff in the relationship and this was only because Wes or Bananas had to go into elimination. In any alliance, it’s expected that self-preservation is the #1 priority. Wes and Bananas survived the entire game working together. The harmony immediately dissolved on Battle of the Exes, but there was a point where the two worked well together.

The reality of the situation is that Bananas would only work with Wes if there was a reason to work with him. There’s a pseudo rivalry between the two, but the hate isn’t really that strong. Their issues aren’t so deep that they couldn’t throw them to the side if they needed to. Coming into this season, there are other alliances that both Wes and Bananas should fear. Rogan, Dee, and CT just won a season together, Jordan and Tori made it to the end of last season, and four Big Brother alumni are making their debut. There’s power in numbers, and both of these guys could use a few numbers on their sides.

To be honest, the alliance makes some sense because Total Madness is a game of numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if another alliance tried to get rid of Bananas or Wes sooner than later. Their alliance is a move for preservation, and this is a smart move to make. The past couple of seasons have proven that the veterans are not safe. On War of the Worlds Bananas was the second veteran to leave the game. On War of the Worlds 2 Wes was the second male elimination while Bananas was the third. At this point in the game, it’ll be a long road to the final and the Wes and Bananas will need to play a less explosive game to make it to the end.

Wes knows this, as he claims to be a possum this season. Bananas, on the other hand, is probably going to have a harder time laying low. The biggest risk this season would be having others find out Wes is working with Bananas. This would paint a massive target on the two’s backs.

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