Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 3

Last week’s twists lead to this week’s drama.

1. Trucking Along

This week’s challenge is called Decode and Detonate. Each competitor has an answer key with a series of symbols. They symbols correspond to letters, and they must memorize their symbols and run to the answer key to decode their clue. The first male and female to decode their puzzles will be able to explode a truck, because this season they’re just pissing money away. When everyone sees their hieroglyphics, they struggle to memorize the pattern. And there’s two keys, so they can’t decode everything in one spot. For the men, Swaggy boast that he has a photographic memory. He’s the first person to call for a check, but he’s wrong. CT solves his puzzle first, putting him in the Tribunal. Bayleigh gets the gold for the girls, and she convinces CT to bring Swaggy as the third tribunal member.

2. Million Dollar Plan

The men feel confident that Jay should go back into elimination, but Ashley has another plan. She overheard Bananas calling her an untrustworthy shape-shifter. So, she tries to rally up votes to get him sent into Purgatory. She approaches Team Young Buck (which now includes Fessy) and seems to have a few numbers. At deliberation, Bananas begins the voting by saying Jay’s name. Jay returns the favor, and Ashley chimes in with another vote for Bananas. Jenna burns her vote on Nelson, and now votes are all over the place. At one point Bananas has the most votes, then Nelson ties him, but in the end Jay leaves with the most votes and Ashley is annoyed.

3. Leaving Rogan Rogue

The cast gets to go out for a night partying, and Dee is still annoyed with Rogan for flirting with Jenn. So, she sets her eye on Jay and those two can be seen kissing at the club. This sparks a discussion between Dee and Rogan, where Rogan admits that Dee successfully made him jealous. Dee did her job, but now Rogan wants to go into elimination against Jay and earn his red skull and get rid of Dee’s new interest.

4. Three Nominees, Four Contenders 

The Tribunal nominates Rogan, Nelson, and Bear. Nelson is surprised, knowing he’s only nominated after he nearly got voted into elimination. Bear claims to understand, but he’s only down there to fill a seat. The real contender for Purgatory is Rogan who wants to face Jay. He hopes CT will give him his opportunity, but at Purgatory CT sends himself into elimination. Time to get that red skull…

5. King of the Shelter

CT faces Jay in a game called Take Shelter. Similar to Knot So Fast, competitors have 20 minutes to use ropes, chains, cinder blocks, and slabs of concrete to make it challenging to open a cage door. After time is up, competitors must untangle the mess their opponent made and open the cage door completely, enter the shelter, and press a button. Jay starts but piling rocks on top of each other, but CT spends a lot of time making knots. After time is up, Jay made an obstacle for CT, but CT made a disaster for Jay to deal with. It seems the odds are in CT’s favor, and CT starts to make process quickly. Meanwhile, Jay is moving just as diligently, and CT is left with ropes and knots to destroy. As Jay untangles ropes, CT tries to smash cinder block to eliminate obstacles. Perhaps this was the wrong strategy, because Jay shocks the house and gets inside his shelter first, giving himself two red skulls and sending CT home.

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