Challenge: Double Agents

Challenge 36 Postponed Due to COVID-19

Don’t expect the Challenge cast to leave quarantine any time soon. Season 36 will not be filming in the next couple of weeks.

According to Theo, he received an e-mail saying filming will be postponed.

Apparently filming was supposed to begin within the next couple of weeks, confirming the rumors Bear spilled last month.

To be honest, this isn’t really news. The only notable information being that Season 36 was coming soon and Theo is in the know, meaning he’s at least being considered for the cast.

Any non-essential work is not occurring during this time, and I’d image The Challenge is no exception. I also expect the show is really just postponed. This won’t be the end of the series. Total Madness has a strong debut and the show continues to perform well on MTV.

In my mind, this is not news. This is expected, but I’m glad that Theo is keeping curious fans in the loop.

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