Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 4

CT’s gone, but the competition goes on.

1. Say It, Don’t Spray It

Ashley Mattie fight The Challenge

The Challenge opens with Bear continuing to chase Kailah. To impress Kailah, he sprays a fire extinguisher into her room. This forces Kailah and her roommates Jenna, Nany, and Ashley out of the room and they’re mad. Ashley, whose mouth is full of extinguisher chemicals, spits them out in Bear’s face. Mattie takes offense to this action, and argues with Ashley. In the middle of this argument, Ashley brings up Mattie’s recent DUI. The two girls form a new rivalry after they were planning on working together in the game.

2. Iced Out

Cold War Challenge

This week’s challenge is called Cold War. The cast is split into five teams of five. Each heat will submerge three people in a pool of freezing water while the other two will chip ice and feed it into the water during a different heat to keep the pool freezing cold. While in the water, the divers must unhook five puzzle pieces attached to a carabiner and then solve a puzzle. Fessy, Rogan, and Josh go first and retrieve their pieces, but choke on the puzzle. The second team to get in the water takes a long time. Kailah, Dee, and Nelson take so long TJ makes them quit. Then, Nelson is taken to the hospital because he’s so cold he can barely move. The rest of the cast goes, though Cory decides to quit because she’s chilly. The fastest team is made of Bananas, Aneesa, and Bear with their ice breakers of Big T and Kaycee. These five make up the Tribunal.

3. All For One

Nelson returns, but the cast must vote someone into elimination. After their argument, Mattie wants to vote in Ashley. Unfortunately for her, everyone is siding with Ashley. After a few votes, Kyle suggest that Ashley accept her fate and go in rather than hear all the excuses from everyone else. Ashley does, and she’s upset, but she insists she won’t go down without a fight.

4. Big T(ribunal)

With five people in the Tribunal, Big T follows Bananas advice and uses her power to make some allies. She cuts deals with Nany, Kailah, and Jenna so she may have safety later on. At the five person Tribunal, Mattie, Dee, and Tori are interviewed. Most of the heat falls onto Dee’s back because people feel she is more devious than Ashley. Bananas knows she voted for him last week, and Big T was targeted by Dee the week prior. At Purgatory, the whole Tribunal sends in Dee.

5. Cracking the Code

In the Code Breaker elimination, competitors spin five wheels. Each spin corresponds to a tile, and competitors must smash hanging pots to retrieve the correct tile. To reach these pots, they roll massive dies and climb on top. Once the five tiles are collected, the back of the tiles will have Challenge names on them. The goal is to order the five seasons in their sequential order. Dee, who is from Australia, doesn’t watch The Challenge because it doesn’t air in her country. When TJ blows the horn, Ashley get the first piece. Dee then picks up her pace, because this game is truthfully rooted in luck. There’s no way to know what piece is held inside a pot. By the time Ashley has two tiles, Dee gets all five. While Dee has to juggle her season blindly, Wes steps up to feed her answers. He gives her some, but other people are screaming over him. Sadly for Ashley, this is enough information. Dee can make sophisticated guesses and win the elimination with Wes’s help.


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