Real World Road Rules

Real World Boston & Road Rules Campus Crawl Casts Reunite

During a time of lockdowns and shut-ins, many people have used technology to reconnect with old friends. Two previous seasons have reconnected during this time: Road Rules Campus Crawl and Real World Boston.

The six original Campus Crawl cast members all reconnected on Zoom. We’ve seen Darrell and Shane fairly recently, and Rachel appeared on Battle of the Exes in 2012. The other cast members have been active on social media, and Kendal found time to reconnect even though she is a nurse helping COVID-19 patients.

Shane and Kendal shared an image of their Zoom call on their social media.

Not sure why Raquel wasn’t there, but the all six original cast members were able to appear.

If there was ever a cast I’d expect to reconnect, this would probably be one of them. A little more surprising in the Real World Boston reunion.

Jason shared an image of the Zoom call with his six roommate. All seven of them showed up, including Sean Duffy who is a politician and has a bunch of kids with his wife (and Real World San Francisco alumnae) Rachel Campos-Duffy. We haven’t seen anyone from this cast on The Challenge in over a decade, with Syrus being the most recent appearance on 2009’s The Ruins.

Great to see the reconnections! Let’s hope more casts are able to reconnect.

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