Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 5

Flirting, fire, and salami.

1. Meat Your Match

The episode opens with the cast training, particularly with Cory, Nelson, and Wes running sprints. They’re on the turf, which starts to bunch up like a rug. Jordan yells at the them for ruining the turf, and Wes tells Jordan to stop being an asshole. Wes and Jordan get into an argument where Wes tells Jordan not to speak with him like he’s “your wife.” The whole argument takes place over the kitchen table where Jordan is eating and holding a three foot sausage. The two are mad, but this prompts Wes to scheme against Jordan.

2. Driving the Numbers

This week’s challenge is called Bomb Squad, which puts competitors in teams of four. Player one is riding in a car on its side, reading numbers for a math equation. They use a walkie talkie to tell player two these numbers to decode a math problem which corresponds to colored pieces. Player three relays the pieces to player four who uses the pieces to detonate a bomb. Jay’s team goes first, and Jay feels he needs to win in order to stay safe this week. However, his misses the first numbers so his team cannot complete the challenge. Bananas’s team goes second, but Bear forgets some of the numbers and cannot complete the math problem. The other teams at least get to attempt to detonate their bombs, but the fastest team to complete the course is Josh, Swaggy C, Kaycee and, Jenny.

3. Bear Trap

The cast gets to go to a club, and after a night of drinking Bear continues flirting with Kailah. He’s persistent, but Kailah has admitted she likes Bear’s company multiple times. When the cast gets home, the two keep talking. Kailah gets up to go to the bathroom and Bear follows. They play around as Kailah brushes their teeth, but that later turns to a kiss. Looks like Bear has successfully seduced Kailah.

4. Fight or Flight

The cast sends Jay back into elimination. Now, the tribunal (which has four people in it) decides to bring in Rogan, Wes, and Nelson for questioning. Josh had threatened to send Wes in, Kaycee feels she has the least connection with Nelson, but Rogan wants to compete against Jay if elimination is physical. During questions, Rogan reiterates his interest and Nelson just confirms he’s working with Cory. The main banter is between Wes and Josh. Wes feels Josh is obsessed with him while Josh feels Wes placed a target on his back. However, Wes insists he will never target Josh because he wants to run the final against the weakest guy in the house. Regardless of beefs, the elimination looks physical so everyone grants Rogan his wish.

5. Blaze of Fury

The elimination is Balls In, but it’s rebranded as Fire Balls. Same rules as Balls In. Score three balls to win, you can only score on offense, but the fall is lit on fire. In the first round, Jay gets the ball and hesitates for a moment. This is enough for Rogan to slam him to the ground, and Jay’s hit hard. He has a hard time getting up, and before he can continue, the episode ends. Cliffhanger…


  1. I’m really surprised with the way this season is shaping up. You would think with the twist in play more of the veterans would be trying to capitalize and go in but instead everyone is playing scared. The boys keep just throwing in Jay, which is why after 3 male eliminations only one guy has a red skull. the girls just keep sending in people they don’t like. They even willingly gave the strongest female a free ride by going in against the arguably weakest female. People better start stepping up or the final is gonna consist of one male running all alone and Jenny going against a bunch of random chicks and winning no sweat.

  2. I would of like it if there was a rule that if you win a second skull you can get immunity for a future elimination so people don’t get sent in all the time. They could do it right after the votes are read or do it like survivor where it’s before the votes are read and if they had the most votes they will not count then the second most votes go in.

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