Challenge: Total Madness

Kailah’s Ex Mikey P. Responds to Hook Up With Bear

After this week’s episode, we saw Bear finally get some action from Kailah. His weeks of persistent and overt flirty lead to their first kiss. In the dirty bathroom of a bunker.

Not the most romantic, but we all knew it was coming. It was in the trailer and it was news before the season aired.

When Total Madness began filming, Kailah was in a relationship with Mikey P., a rapper and former reality TV star. Of course, he’s going to be impacted by this event, and their relationship did end. Mikey posted a note in Twitter addressing the situation:

Mikey P Kailah Break Up

In short, Mikey P. wishes Kailah well. They tied up their loose ends, but they have moved on. This all unfolded five months ago and it was the end of their relationship. That said, he will always have a love for her and wishes her success.

To be honest, it’s a nice response from him. He has a lot of reasons to be bitter, and will have to witness and experience he never wanted to be a part of, but he handled it well.

We will see where the Kailah and Bear relationship goes from here.

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