The Challenge

Ten Challengers Injured During Eliminations

This week we saw a disoriented Jay get sent home by production. After getting rocked by production, he became delusional and a medic determined he was unfit to continue.

He’s not the only person to get injured in an elimination, in fact it’s not super uncommon. These are some of the worst injuries sustained while fighting for life in The Challenge.

10. Natalie (Final Reckoning)

Disclaimer, That’s the Ticket was a Redemption game, but it was one of the most poorly designed games we’ve seen. Spinning humans in a metal cage is a recipe for disaster, and no one felt this more than Natalie. She scraped her chin and was bandaged for the rest of the season. Add in various cuts and scrapes, and she felt the impact of the game. Marie also got some scrapes as well, and I don’t know how anyone thought this was a good idea.

9. Carley (Fresh Meat 2)

The original case of disorientation, Carley almost collapsed during her Blackout Exile. Luckily, she had Landon by her side and he let her rest while solving a puzzle. If it wasn’t for Landon, Carley would have been stuck on the side of a mountain gasping for breath. She owes a lot to him, and Landon is one of the best players of all time because he can work with partners like Carley.

8. Wes & Derrick (The Duel)

Wes Derrick Duel

There’s something inherently dangerous about wrestling on sand that makes for an interesting fight. After multiple restarts, Wes and Derrick found themselves rubbing their bodies against sand over and over. This resulted in multiple scrapes, scratches and cuts. Derrick would have a similar experience as a Mercenary on Vendettas, but Wes’s injuries from Pole Wrestle lingered for the rest of The Duel.

7. Knight (Battle of the Exes 2)

The Breaking Up elimination didn’t seem too taxing due to the lack of contact, but it’s easy to make mistakes when repeatedly pulling a heavy weight. Due to the speed and the stress of pulling a wrecking ball, Knight dislocated his shoulder. He may have been susceptible due to previous injuries, but his shoulder prevented him from continuing in the Battle of the Ex-iled.

6. Chet (Free Agents)

Playing Balls In guarantees a tough fight, and Chet found that out the hard way. Initially, Chet impressed Frank with his tough gameplay. This came to a halt after the plexiglass shield on the helmet sliced Chet’s chine open. He required stitches, and decided he’d rather be stateside to get proper stitching done to his face. People gave Chet a lot of crap, but future rounds of Balls In on Free Agents removed the shield from the helmet.

5. Veronica (Vendettas)

Whether it’s Pole Wrestle or some other variation, battling for an object can get brutal. Crazy 8 was no exception on Vendettas, and the ante was upped when Mercenaries showed up. Of course, Veronica had to compete against Aneesa. The first round was tough, and Veronica’s pinky finger was the causality. She left the game due to the broken bone, unable to complete the elimination. This isn’t the only broken bone on the list, but if you have to break a bone, the pinky is one of the least useful.

4. Jay (Total Madness)

Like other Balls In games, Fire Ball got brutal. Rogan launched Jay onto the ground while playing defense and shoved his head on the way up. Jay tried to continue, but he ultimately became too confused. Product stepped in a took him out of the game.

3. Cara Maria (Free Agents)

If there’s one thing we learned from Jay’s appearance in Balls In, it’s that this game can be dangerous. This is the third time it appeared on the list, and perhaps the most surprising, because Jessica caused this injury. The girl has some fight, and despite losing, she fractured a bone in Cara Maria’s hand. Cara wore a cast for the rest of her time on the season, which would ultimately cost her the game.

2. Hunter (Dirty Thirty)

Hunter had to fight a lot during Dirty Thirty, and his appearance in the Body Check elimination almost cost him his life in the game. Hunter narrowly won, but he hurt this thumb pretty badly passing through the cellophane wall. Maybe it was Leroy, maybe he got caught in the wall itself. Either way, he was bound to a cast and required surgeries to recover.

1. Timmy (The Inferno 3)

This wasn’t fully shown on TV, but Timmy injured himself pretty badly during the Smash House elimination. In the game, he found himself kneeling on glass and it sliced his knees open. Apparently his knees got seriously hurt and had trouble walking for a while after the game. In all fairness, the competitors were told to wear jeans for the elimination under their jumpsuit. Timmy didn’t, granted he didn’t know what the game would entail. When we look at is disqualification now, it may not just be due to a pane of glass that didn’t smash on the ground.

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