The Challenge

Wes Decides to Break Quarantine to Film With His ‘Friends With Benefits’

Looking for something to watch while you’re stuck in quarantine? How about watching a show about reality stars who broke quarantine to resume quarantine together.

Streaming exclusively on Patreon, Wes and his small production crew are releasing their show “Friends With Benefits.” The show stars: Wes, Kailah, Kailah’s boyfriend (and Ex on the Peak star) Sam Bird, Nany, Dee, and Marie’s ex Devin. The show airs two episodes a week. They also have exclusive podcasts for subscribers.

One episode is focused on the roommates, or the “Friends” in the group. The other episode will focus on giving back to the community, the “benefits” part.

The cast will live together for two weeks and have their every move filmed by a small production crew. In fact, Wes’s Austin roommate Nehemiah is part of the crew. This minimizes the number of people they come in contact with.

There’s no denying they’re working on some admirable projects. Recently, Wes & co. put together an edible garden for a local learning center. I’m not entirely sure the point of quarantine is to leave the house with a group of fiends, but I guess it’s for a good cause? Hopefully they all stay well and leave some meaningful community projects behind.


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