Challenge: Total Madness

Is Jenna Going to Skate to the Final Now?

I think everyone was a little shocked to see Jenna win her red skull. She really did seem checked out of the game, but the Barbie Beast showed up at the elimination. Now she has a reason to stay in the game, and some people might be scared of her.

Jenna is very connected. She has allies, the veterans generally like her, and she’s not an easy target. So, is the path to the final an easy one for Jenna?

If we’re being completely honest, Jenna very well could just skate to the final now. She’s in the perfect position to be a floater. Other people need red skulls, and it’s unlikely they’ll seek Jenna as their easy ticket after she eliminated Tori. Even if Zach continues to berate Jenna, it’s clear that she shouldn’t be considered mentally checked out. If someone does come from Jenna, her Holy Trinity Alliance will come for them.

All of this said, some people might rely on a competitor like Jenna to get into the final. If someone was in the Tribunal, they might want volunteer against Jenna to face in a puzzle. We know Jenna isn’t the best at puzzles, and someone who’s confident with puzzles could view Jenna as their ticket to the final.

Still, this means Jenna would need to be voted into elimination by the mob. That’s very unlikely. So unless Jenna volunteer, she can skate to the end.

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