Challenge: Total Madness

Total Madness Is About to Change. Thanks TJ.

Episode 8 will mark a change in Total Madness. During the Decontamination Challenge, TJ is going to drop a twist: Double elimination.

On other seasons, a double elimination seems like a death sentence. On this season, it’s still a death sentence for two people (by defination), but it’s also the ticket for to the final for two people. This might make for an exciting episode, but it kind of cheapens the twist of Total Madness.

Last week we saw Tori sacrifice herself into elimination. She knew she had to get a red skull and she had a limited number of opportunities. This season is designed in such a way that floaters wouldn’t be rewarded. It’s the season The Island should have been, people battling for limited positions in a final. There are challenges, they matter to some degree, and eliminations.

Now, we’re migrating toward the same style of seasons we’ve seen in the recent past. People want to avoid elimination, even though they know they have to go in at some point, multiple eliminations means there are many opportunities to get your skull. Eventually you’re going to be forced in.

After last week’s episode, a double elimination sounds kind of good. More competition would be welcome after an episode with a single elimination and no challenge, but I was excited to see something new this season. Scarce eliminations are forcing people into anxiety and a new storyline. I was hoping we’d only have a few people qualified to run the final, and the rest of the cast would have to watch those with red skulls sail into the sunset. Except instead of being left on they island, they’d remain in the bunker.

If you like eliminations, we’re going to be put into high gear. If you’re looking for a unique storyline, this season is changing its trajectory.

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