Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 8

Not a lot of red skulls in the game. Let’s change that.

1. Color Confusion

This week’s challenge is called Decontamination. Competitors must run through a chamber filled with foam and find a window. They must then memorize a pattern of 15 colors and recreate it in order. The cast is split into three heats, and each will have one male and female winner. Quickly into the game, people start to realize they can work together to memorize the pattern. Wes completes his puzzle, and Mattie completes hers with the help of her “teammates” Cory and Josh. The second heat is a dud, with Fessy and Dee winning. Later, Kailah, Nany, and Bear all work together to keep Bear safe. They try to throw the game to Kailah, but Big T defeats the trio. Meanwhile, Bananas figures out he can see the pattern at an angle without running through the foam so he wins the heat. Overall, Wes and Mattie have the fastest times, and they decide to save Bananas by making him third person in the Tribunal.

2. Broken Promises

It’s a double elimination week, so two guys need to be voted in by the mob. The cast goes around twice, and Fessy gets the first nomination because he’s a rookie. The second time around, the finger gets pointed at Nelson. He’s said a few things to anger the women in the house, but he’s also been making a lot of promises. Like, he’s made a deal with every woman in the house. All of this becomes exposed, and he gets the second nomination into elimination.

3. Cat Fight

After getting sent into elimination, Nelson feels betrayed by the cast, particularly Kyle. So, he decides to address Kyle and call him out for being a pussy. Predictably, this angers Kyle. They two guys fight and Kyle starts a shoving match. Josh and Melissa jump in to break up the fight. Nothing happens, because Nelson doesn’t want to get kicked off the show, but Kyle has a new “vendetta.”

4. Half and Half

The Tribunal has the task of interrogating four people, and they call out Bear, Cory, Kyle, and Jordan. They start with Bear, who isn’t actively against anyone in the Tribunal, but his priorities lie elsewhere. Then Kyle comes in, who is berated for being useless. Jordan discusses that he needs a red skull, only has a limited number of opportunities to get one, so now would be a good time. Finally, Cory shows up. He tempts Mattie with safety, and promises to keep Wes and Bananas safe. This offer is received surprisingly well, and may have saved his ass.

5. Leading the Poles

At elimination, the Tribunal picked Bear and Jordan to face Fessy and Nelson, though Bananas did toss a vote to Cory instead of Bear. Lucky for them, they’re playing Pole Wrestle: first to get two poles wins. Jordan knows he’s at a disadvantage because he only has one hand, but he tries to come up with a strategy to defeat Fessy. This doesn’t work, because Fessy has a lot of weight behind him and knows how to use it. He quickly gets the first pole away from Jordan and they go into round two. Jordan forced the pole out of bounds, and Fessy falls on top of Jordan’s shoulder. Jordan is hurt now, goes in for the third round, but can barely lift his hand. Fessy wins, now onto Nelson vs. Bear. Nelson starts off by getting low and trying to leverage the pole away from Bear. This is a great strategy. It works, twice. Bear is defeated, but he seems to have been defeated before he ever set foot in the ring.

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