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Cara Maria Confirms Paulie Was Not Allowed to Compete on Season 35

Last year, rumors circulated that Paulie wasn’t allowed to compete on season 35. He posted a series of cryptic messages on his Instagram stories that came across as threatening.

Apparently some cast members viewed these posts as actual threats. At least, that’s what they told production.

Cara Maria Paulie

In a recent Instagram Live, Cara Maria finally broke her silence on the issue. Luckily, the Instagram account Challengetea411 archived this story for the world to see.

Cara claims one cast member (presumably Bananas) got all of his drunk and “coked out” followers to “jump” Paulie. By this, she means they berated him with insults and tried to get him to start a fight. Some cast members were also waiting for the altercation with their phones ready. And yes, there is video of the argument.

Cast members then took the videos, referenced Paulie’s Instagram Stories, and claimed Paulie punched Josh.

Now let’s be real. The Instagram videos showed Paulie making finger guns and saying he was “coming” for cast members. We all know Paulie isn’t going to intentionally jeopardize his position on the show. He could have thrown a lot of punches in the past, but he never did. But these types of videos are always a mistake, because they can be used a warning signs. If an incident does occur, cast members could accuse production of ignoring “threats.”

So Paulie didn’t get on Season 35. Cara Maria stayed home with Paulie and her horse. I know her horse is about 30 now, so it’s had a long lifespan. Pretty great for a horse, but it also means the horse has been with Cara for almost her entire life.

What does this mean for the future? Who know, but at least we have some answers about past events.


  1. Are you freaking kidding?! I have no words. Stupidest crap I have heard. Not let someone on the season over what they may or may not do. I am sure there are plenty of people who have “threatened” others that are on the show right now. If this is the case, they need to do that with people that provoke others. GTFOH.

  2. These 2 are jokes. Mostly Paulie with his lil tiny 150 lb body who wants to beat up a 250lb man but can’t carry 1/4th of a guerney. Then gets sleep and can solve a puzzle and swim and run 6 miles and kayak. What a Lil tiny man with lil man syndrome. Camera time? Absolutely. How is he gonna say his kidneys were shutting down? And his magically (delivious) healed to finish the finale. Pa lease. If ur kidneys start failing. They don’t just stop failing. Who r u Trina kid? Also it’s ur face for me. When you think you did something clever! You know the wide eyed stupid look? Lol. It’s whatever tho

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