Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 9

Last week, two males left. How many girls will go this week?

1. Dead Rat’s Float

The cast shows up for their challenge, but TJ tells Big T, who split her toe open last week, she is unfit to compete. So Big T is sent home and the cast is playing Tunnel Rats. The goal is to jump down a chute into a sewer, swim down a tunnel of water, unlock five puzzle pieces, and use them to solve a puzzle. The water is freezing, which makes the swim much harder. Some people like Nelson struggle, but Swaggy can’t swim and needs to be “safety DQ’ed.” Due to this, Josh needs to complete a second swim to unlock Swaggy’s piece and their team ultimately loses. Of the four teams, only two do well, but the winning team consists of: Bayleigh, Dee, Nany, Wes, and Cory.

2. Plan D

Dee Nguyen Challenge

Now that she’s in the Tribunal during a girls’ elimination week, Dee has a plan. She wants to get rid of a good competition and that means sending Jenny in. The problem, she wants to maintain the illusion that she’s loyal to Jenny. So she tries to plant a seed in Nany and Bayleigh’s minds, but they see through Dee’s tactics. Then, Rogan catches wind of the plan and spills the beans to Jenny who feels betrayed by Dee.

3. Big Brother Brawl

Swaggy C Josh fight

The cast goes clubbing, and eventually Josh ends up sitting next to Swaggy C. Josh addresses the fact that Swaggy is a fake friend because he is playing both sides of the house. Swaggy tries to talk calmly, but Josh is getting heated. Eventually Josh calls Swaggy a pussy. Swaggy goes to walk away but Josh throws a drink at him. Security breaks up the fight, but Josh keeps screaming. He stands on the bar, but most of the cast just rolls their eyes.

4. Take a Skull, Leave a Skull

Kaycee and Aneesa have volunteered for elimination, so the Tribunal is faced with picking four people to potentially compete against them. With only five options, they call down: Kailah, Jenna, Melissa, and Jenny. Kailah basically says she wants to get her Red Skull, while Jenna insists she hasn’t checked out of the game and wants to avoid elimination now that she has her skull. Melissa offers to protect the people in the Tribunal, but Cory addresses the fact that he’d be seventh on her list and she has a lot of deals already. Then Jenny comes down, and claims she’s not mad about her position, but doesn’t want to go in. Everyone has their reason, but let’s face it, Jenny is strong and should will be hard to beat.

5. The Detonators 

At Purgatory, the sewer rats are greeted by two dumpsters. The Tribunal first votes for Kaycee’s opponent and they grant Kailah her wish. Then, they pick Aneesa’s opponent and they send in Jenna because she’s allegedly checked out. The game is called Bombs Away and all they do is go in the dumpster and need to unload 100 “bombs” where are really medicine balls. In the first round, Kaycee beats Kailah fairly fast. The second round is closer, and it seems like Jenna has the lead. But Aneesa isn’t giving up, and is making good time. It gets down to the last few bombs, and Aneesa pulls out the win. Now Aneesa and Kaycee have Red Skulls.

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