Challenge: Total Madness

Melissa Reeves Gives Birth to Baby Girl

After three days in labor, Melissa has given birth to her baby girl. It took an emergency C section, but her baby has arrived safely.

Melissa uploaded a photo on Instagram of herself breastfeeding, which is no longer considered offensive because there’s an emoji of it.

Since the reveal of her pregnancy, Melissa has revealed the father is Danny Simpson, a shamed UK footballer. Melissa did not know she was pregnant until she returned from from filming Total Madness, but she was pregnant the whole time she filmed the season. So no, just to be 100% clear, Kyle is not the father.

I’m glad to see Melissa is doing well, even though it was a long labor. It seems like she is very happy to be a mother and she’s going to be dedicating a lot of time to the newborn.

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