The Challenge

Zach & Jenna Feud With Amanda on Twitter: Bombs Get Dropped

MTV, you stirred the pot, and things got very personal.

A couple of days ago, MTV posted a video of Jenna and Amanda’s feud on The Challenge. The video is 21 minutes on YouTube, but it was also Tweeted out. They cover Invasion and the “finger bang” incident, the Dirty Thirty elimination/ Redemption, their arguments on the Final Reckoning reunion, and the fight on War of the Worlds where Amanda addresses the Bumble issue.

Amanda replied to the Tweet with “#fingerbanged” which refers to the Invasion incident. Admittedly, this is a crude style of humor that not everyone can appreciate, but Amanda didn’t reopen a wound here. MTV went out of their way to make a compilation of Jenna and Amanda’s history because Jenna was eliminated on Total Madness. Both girls are going to get love and hate from this video, but Amanda would not have addressed this incident if this video wasn’t posted.

Jenna addressed Amanda’s response. While I maintain that Amanda didn’t provoke this argument, Jenna’s comments are not out of line. This references a stressful time in her life. We all know Jenna would like to put this incident behind her, while it doesn’t impact Amanda that heavily. In Jenna’s response she simply wanted Amanda to move on with her life and stop tweeting about herself and Zach.

Reasonable enough.

Then Zach gets involve and replies to Amanda by criticizing Amanda’s family life.

In this tweet, he states that Amanda is going to abandon her child just like her mother abandoned her.

For those who don’t know, Amanda recently had her first child. There’s no reason to believe she’s not invested in her child: in fact her social media presence will paint a contradictory picture. She seems incredibly proud of her son and is posting a lot of positive pictures of him. Zach also references the fact that Amanda’s mother left her family when Amanda was younger. This story is referenced in Invasion and on Are You the One 3, though there aren’t a whole lot of details. If you recall, Amanda has stated her motivation to win a Challenge was to support her father who had health concerns, as he was her main source of support growing up.

This is the real tweet that got Amanda riled up. So she responded to Zach and Jenna, also referencing the fact that Jenna mentioned Zach was getting baptized tomorrow.

Amanda first asked if baptisms erased Bumble, referring to the fact that Zach had Bumble on his phone after getting eliminated from Final Reckoning. This fight occurred during War of the Worlds 1, so it’s not exactly new.

The second tweet stated: Do baptisms erase the memory of giving up half a million dollars for a “best friend” that banged your bitch behind your back? Asking for a friend.

For Zach, “your bitch” obviously means Jenna. The “best friend” he scarified a million dollars for was Tony. This is because Zach & Amanda went into elimination so Zach could protect his one friend on Final Reckoning: Tony.

Let’s piece everything together. Amanda is saying Jenna and Tony slept together.

Allegedly, this is the bomb she was going to drop on the Final Reckoning reunion. She knows they slept together because they were in Redemption on Dirty Thirty with Amanda. This is when the “best friend” banged “your bitch.” And this bomb wasn’t dropped at the Final Reckoning reunion because Tony was going to propose to Alyssa there. Amanda said the bomb could “ruin lives” and these are the lives she was referring to. She didn’t want to interfere with Tony’s moment.

Remember, this is all speculation. Take it how you will.

Now, the information is public, and it’s safe to say the Jenna and Amanda rivalry has continued.


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