Challenge: Total Madness

Kailah & Jenna Are Gone: Is Nany Screwed?

Episode 1: The Holy Trinity is introduced. Nany, Kailah, and Jenna.

Episode 9: Nany is in the Tribunal. Somehow, both Kailah and Jenna set into Purgatory. Both girls get sent home.

Clearly, Nany is in some shit right now. Her two biggest allies have gone home and she has no influence in the game. She couldn’t get the Tribunal to keep her friends safe even though Jenna already had a Red Skull.

For Nany, this is the beginning of the end. Her track record in the game isn’t great. She’s never won an elimination without a partner and she doesn’t have a lot of people in her corner. Plus, as the game progresses the easier competition will get eliminated. Most of the remaining girls in the house seem like they’re tough competitors. At this point, Nany’s best hope would be to face Bayleigh. Not because Bayleigh is bad, she’s been in multiple Tribunals, but because her elimination performance remains unknown.

Still, this game requires people to go into elimination. On other seasons Nany wanted to skate to the end. This time she can’t, so she’ll have to get into some elimination. Losing your allies means a little less when there’s no way to win the season and remain safe. Plus Nany does have some friends. Bananas, Josh,  and Aneesa will likely work with her.

Winning isn’t impossible for Nany, but it’s a tough road. In order for her to see the final she’ll have to transform into a different competitor. This would require her to make bold moves and become a little more cutthroat. It could happen, but if history is any indicator, it probably won’t.

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