Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 11

Wes is gone, now it’s the girls’ turn to make a big move.

1. Raise the White Flag

Bananas Josh challenge

This week’s challenge is called Flag Down and the casts is strapped to the front of a tank. They have to collect flags while navigating through a course of obstacles where there are explosions, boxes, and colored smoke. The red flags are worth one point but the white flags are worth ten. They compete four at a time, and it seems some people have fists full of flags while their neighbor has none. This is because some people are working together, and TJ disqualifies all the collaborators. This means Nany, Jenny, Kyle, Rogan, Fessy, and Nelson all get their scores discounted. Josh wins for the men, Melissa for the females and they pick Johnny to round out the Tribunal.

2. Small People Playing Big Games

Now that she’s in the Tribunal, Melissa wants to prevent Mattie from going into Purgatory. She needs to get her own skull, and Mattie is the biggest girl in the game. Melissa tells Kyle not to vote Mattie in, but her request is denied. At nominations, Matties asks to get sent in. The house complies, and now Melissa has to determine whether or not she wants to risk elimination against Mattie.

3. Dee Plus

The Tribunal needs to nominated three people. Nany and Bayleigh are the obvious choices, as they don’t have Red Skulls. The third spot has to go to someone with a skull. Melissa doesn’t want to say Dee, but the other two guys decide to call her down, so she gets the third nomination. Both Nany and Bayleigh accept that fact that they have limited changes to get a skull, so now may be the time. Dee is mad, particularly at Josh. Johnny gets off the hook because he defaulted to see, saying he can’t nominate any of the other girls with Red Skulls, Josh chimes in and says Dee is plays a really shady game and he doesn’t trust her either.

4. Day of the Red

Dee Rogan Total Madness

At Purgatory, Melissa determines that she doesn’t want to compete so she votes in Bayleigh. She believes it’s a done deal, but Bananas is harboring resentment toward Dee. Rather than just vote for Dee, he asks for Rogan’s blessing. Rogan agrees, and Dee gets a vote from Bananas. Then, Josh solidifies Dee’s fate. Melissa is furious and tells Josh not to talk to her for the rest of the time in the bunker.

5. Antwoman

The elimination is called Tunnel Vision (not to be confused with the Rivals 3 elimination of the same name), and the competitors are essentially ants in a tunnel. They start on one side and need to dig through sand to get to the other side. Immediately, Mattie struggles. Size did come into play, but being bigger is a determent. Dee makes progress faster, but when she stalls, the cast thinks she suffocated in the tunnel. Dee continues, and gets through the tunnel, earning a second (but unnecessary) Red Skull.

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  1. So I won’t lie, I love Mattie I really do think she’s great. However, I’m glad to see her go for one big reason. See people sometimes like to spoiler the challenge by releasing lists of say boot orders or who makes the final. In the beginning of this season it happened again. Someone wrote a spoiler saying the final 5 girls would be Mattie, Jenny, Kaycee, Bayleigh, and Melissa. It made sense so I of course believed it. But with Mattie gone, that frees a spot up now for someone like Aneesa or Nany, both whom I would love to see make another final.

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