The Challenge

Dee May Pursue Legal Action After Being Fired from MTV

It seems the saga with Dee continues.

After MTV severed ties with her earlier this week, Dee has reduced her output on social media. This does not mean she’s been inactive.

According to an article on Page Six, Dee’s management company looking into pursuing legal action. Nothing has been formally ordered yet, but she does have a lawyer looking into possibilities.

Since receiving backlash for her comments, Dee has apologized for her statements. According to statements on Wes’s twitter, she has had a very hard time mentally and has sought treatment.

It’s hard to believe Dee would be able to make a legal case for herself. Cast members get dropped from the show all the time simply due to production’s lack of interest. The show is designed to have cast members come and go, and they could have quietly removed Dee without major suspicion. Of course, she was a huge name on the past three seasons and would likely a shoo-in for Season 36, but that’s just speculation. The only way she might have a case would depend on her having a multi-season contract like Bear allegedly had.

It’s also hard to deny the inconsistency with the treatment of racial issues on The Challenge. Camila used overtly racist language on Dirty Thirty and was invited for Champs vs. Stars. People such as Jordan, Davis, and Robin were cast on Rivals seasons because of their race-based arguments with other cast members. This is the first time MTV has vocally condemned a cast member for using racist language, as they’ve mostly ignored or even rewarded it in the past.

This is not to diminish the impact of Dee’s statements. She was entirely in the wrong, trivialized the Black Lives Matter Movement, and responded without sensitivity. We are in a climate where we are trying to amplify black voices, an initiative MTV has aligned with, and Dee has chosen to make jokes around the situation. She’s just the first person to deal with such severe consequences and will serve as an example for future cast mates.

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