Challenge: Total Madness

All of the Drama Edited Out of Episode 11 of Total Madness

If you watched episode 11, you might have had a hard time following along. This is for good reason, a lot was omitted. The episode was originally going to be 90 minutes, but after Dee’s Twitter fiasco, the episode was trimmed to 60 minutes.

Dee really was the focus of the episode. Production was able to edit out 1/3 of the content, and it was all about her.

1. Dee and Bayleigh Fought 

During the Flag Down challenge, Dee was paired with Bayleigh. So, Dee tried to ensure Bayleigh couldn’t get into the Tribunal by pushing obstacles into Bayleigh’s face and grabbing the flags in from of Bayleigh.

The girls fought while in their harnesses and Bayleigh confronted Dee after they were released. Dee said it was “just a game,” but Bayleigh insisted she’s playing to win and Dee was toying with her opportunity for to win the money.

It’s implied Dee was sabotaging Bayleigh so Melissa could get into the Tribunal.

2. The Pool Party 

Rogan, Kyle, and Bananas start pounding beers while in the pool. They ask Jenny, Melissa, and Dee to get them more beers and the girls spike the drinks with salt. It’s really just a fun scene but it leads into Rogan flirting with Dee.

3. Dee and Rogan Hook Up

The two have shower sex. Aneesa is in the bathroom and reveals it was very quick. This explains why Dee is so upset with Rogan when he sends her in at the Tribunal.

4. Bananas and Jenny Talk

Bananas and Jenny are building a relationship in the game. He revealed his plan to target Dee to Jenny, and Jenny was on board. This, of course, is because Dee contemplated sending Jenny into elimination two weeks ago.

5. Swaggy and Bayleigh Talk

The Big Brother couple start chatting… about Dee. Bayleigh refers to their fight during the challenge and says she can handle a little bit of fighting. However, she’s not going to roll over and just hand the game to Dee and it seems like everyone else is.

6. The Tribunal Talk In the Club

Josh, Bananas, and Melissa talk while in the club. The boys introduce the idea of sending Dee into elimination to Melissa. For this plan to work, a lot of elements need to align. Melissa can’t throw herself into elimination and Dee can’t become too suspicious.

7. Dee Confronts Josh 

While in the club, Dee tells Josh she values their friendship and would feel betrayed if he sent her into elimination. Meanwhile, in her confessional, Dee says she doesn’t care about Josh and is just using him for the game.

8. Dee Gets Paranoid

Melissa and Dee talk. Dee sees Bananas and Josh throwing her in, but Melissa insists that wouldn’t happen. Melissa feels Johnny wouldn’t mess up her game by taking a stab at Dee. At this point, Dee hasn’t been nominated and wants Melissa to make the third nominee a different girl with a skull. She knows Bananas wants to take a shot at her, and Josh gets manipulated easily by Bananas.

9. Rogan Denounces Dee

Rogan admits he should be Dee’s ally, but he doesn’t trust her. This leads to a flashback of Dee telling Tori she’d send her into elimination against Jenn, but Dee didn’t honor the deal because they never shook hands.

10. Rogan talks with Bananas and Jenny

Once again, Dee becomes the topic of conversation. The trio talk about how she’s inconsistent and is suddenly best friends with Melissa. She is becoming becoming the next Ashley.

11. Dee Gets Mad at Nominations

The Tribunal edit was cut short. Deee sees she’s been nominated and she vows she will seek revenge when she comes back. When talking to the three, she was much more heated but holds resentment toward Josh. She claimed she could have put Josh in the Tribunal last week, but didn’t. Josh calls her bluff, saying Wes kept him safe, but Dee states Josh doesn’t know the conversations that were had.

12. Josh Cried

This was addressed in the trailer last week. After the Tribunal, Dee told Josh she felt hurt. Josh knows Dee is manipulating his emotions and began to second guess his move to send her in. Josh cries, Kyle comforts him, but also calls Josh an emotional idiot in his confessional.

13. Dee Felt Betrayed By Rogan

Dee confronted Rogan after he gave Bananas his “blessing” to send in Dee. She felt they had a stronger friendship than this. Melissa was mad when Josh voted in Dee and blindsided her.

14. Dee’s Victory Was Celebrated

Melissa was the only other person celebrating Dee’s win. When she won she cursed out Rogan, Bananas, and Josh like Wes did on Rival 3. She’s particularly mad at Rogan.


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  1. Thank you for this. Where did you get the full episode? I can’t find it anywhere. Heard MTV Canada had it and then removed it.

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