Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 13

Swaggy is gone, Bayleigh is still there, even if just physically.

1. Grid Locked

In Blocked In the cast is split in half and they are completing a puzzle. Competitors need to move black cars vertically or horizontally so they can free a red car. Once the red car is free, time stops. The entire winning team forms the “Tri”bunal. The first team designates Rogan to lead, but Jenny keeps chiming in and making suggestions. They eventually jiggle the red car out, and the second team goes. They have a lot of muscle, but Bayleigh steps up as the brain. They also get their car out after a few mishaps, and thirteen seconds separate the teams. The winning team contains: Josh, Aneesa, Nany, Rogan, Cory, Bananas and Jenny.

2. Kaycee’s New Bay

Now that Nany is in the Tribunal, she has the power to go in. Melissa and Bayleigh both need their skulls, and Kaycee asks Nany who she’d like to face. Nany wants Melissa, so Kaycee goes to talk to Bayleigh. Bayleigh tells Kaycee she’s close with Nany and wants to help Nany out, but Bayleigh reminds her that the Big Brother 20 group came in as allies. Kaycee now has a closer friend in Nany, and feels Bayleigh and Swaggy seclude themselves. Kaycee becomes the swing vote, and votes for Melissa.

3. The Nany Before Nany 

Bayleigh Kaycee fight

After the vote, Bayleigh panics and feels isolated. Between conversations with Jenny, Bananas, and the Tribunal, the truth comes out. Bayleigh is hurt by Kaycee because she was super close with Kaycee on Big Brother. Bayleigh alleges Kaycee said Bayleigh’s her “type,” and wanted to sleep in bed together. Essentially, Bayleigh was Kaycee’s Nany on Big Brother. When this story gets told, Kaycee confronts Bayleigh for lying. Bayleigh then screams at Kaycee for making her look crazy, airs their whole story, and calls Nany a lying-ass ho.

4. According to Plan

The Tribunal doesn’t matter. Only the girls can be nominated: Dee, Kaycee, and Bayleigh. At Purgatory, Nany sends herself into elimination. Now Nany faces Melissa in Off With Your Head. The girls need to wear jumpsuits with five red skulls attached. They must then wrestle, receive the five skulls and place them on a pedestal. It will be a fight to see who gets their Red Skull.

5. Woman’s Wrestling Entertainment

The elimination starts off fairly evenly matched. Melissa and Nany get skull one, two, and three in unison. When they meet again for a fourth round, Melissa gets a skull but Nany gets hers out of bounds. That doesn’t count, and Melissa takes the lead. The fifth matchup sees Nany wrestling Melissa for a longer period of time. Nany gets her hands on a skull, but doesn’t pull it off Melissa’s jumpsuit. Then, Melissa snags her fifth skull and wins. Nany is going home, and Melissa is qualified to run the final.

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