Challenge: Total Madness

Is Kaycee a Floater or Challenge Master?

Each week, I see the same comment echoed among Challenge fans: oh yea, Kaycee’s here?

It seems like Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clarke is playing The Challenge with a similar approach to Big Brother. She’s laying low, making friends, and avoiding drama. For the most part, this has kept her off screen, but she’s doing well thus far.

In fact, it seems like the veterans like Kaycee a lot. People like Nany and Aneesa have been seen befriending her, and this is keeping her off most people’s radars. When she wanted to go into Purgatory, people let her go in. She faced Kailah and won her Red Skull. It seems she beat Kailah with relative ease, and this is likely due to her gameplay strategy. In the daily challenges she’s a slightly-above-average player. Kailah thought she’d be a fairly easy win, but she was faced with a competitor who has intensity.

Of course, this season saw her coming into the game with a lot of BB20 cast mates. Swaggy was the first to get eliminated, and the other two haven’t remained close to Kaycee. Now it seems her new friends are more important than her old friends. As Big Brother alliances become less important, Kaycee will need to pick a side.

The Challenge is a game designed to thrive off of competition and drama. Kaycee is the exact opposite. She’s strong, but we seldom see her full potential. She lays low, makes friends, stays loyal, and the cameras don’t really care. As the game progresses, we see the rewards of this gameplay. The truth is, floaters can make it far on The Challenge. It can be a good strategy for a season, but unlike Big Brother, recasting is part of the Challenge storyline. If Kaycee doesn’t get more camera time, she might not get a second chance on this show.


  1. Even the drama she has is boring. She is a nice person but I hope she does NOT come back. I’d rather see some RW girls (Averey, KellyAnne , Meagan, Tovah, Tyara,….

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