Challenge: Total Madness

Why Was Aneesa Eliminated on Total Madness?

If you watched Episode 14 of Total Madness, you might notices some questionable decisions. Aneesa gets voted into elimination, goes home, and Cory gets bumped out of the Tribunal.

At the beginning, viewers are led to believe Cory wants to be in the Tribunal to have the most appearances in there. There may be a kernel of truth to this statement, but the achievement isn’t that impressive. He was pulled into the first Tribunal seemingly randomly, so being in the Tribunal isn’t that impressive.

The reality, he wanted to protect Aneesa. It’s clear people wanted to throw Aneesa into elimination and Cory is known to be her ally. Josh really didn’t need power to get into elimination. Sending him in wouldn’t ruffle feathers and no one other than Kyle wanted to go into elimination. The real decision this week was the female competing against Bayleigh in Purgatory.

This is why Cory’s mad at Jenny.

Why did Fessy vote Melissa into elimination? Probably to appease Cory after screwing him out of the Tribunal.

Why did Josh vote in Aneesa? Apparently, Bayleigh told him she’d rather face Aneesa. If you remember, Melissa and Josh do not have a good relationship. On episode 12, Melissa screamed in Josh’s face at the Tribunal. In episode 11, though edited out, Josh and Bananas promised to keep Dee safe for Melissa’s sake, but stabbed Melissa in the back by sending Dee into Purgatory.

Why did Jenny vote in Aneesa? There are a number of factors here. Jenny probably does have a stronger relationship with Melissa because they’re both from the UK. However, keeping the “weaker” Aneesa in the game would make the final easier for Jenny. The truth, Bananas wanted Aneesa to go into elimination because he worried about running a final with her. He asked Jenny to vote her in, and she complied.

This is why Cory was mad, he couldn’t save Aneesa. There were a lot of moving pieces in the decision, but the episode leads you to believe it was just because Josh needed to be in the Tribunal for his own security and Jenny is better friends with Melissa.

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  1. Question: Why Was Aneesa Eliminated on Total Madness?
    Answer: Because she’s a worthless, disgusting cow who gains an additional 20 kilos each season she appears on The Challenge.

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