Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 15

Eleven remain, but that’s too many.

1. Pinheads 

The challenge is called Crash Course. It’s basically bowling, but instead of a ball, there’s a stunt car. Instead of pins, there’s three barrels for each competitor with a Challenger standing atop. The goal is to knock over as many barrels as possible by pulling the e-brake and skidding into the barrels. In the event of a tie, whoever knocks a barrel the farthest will get the edge. Rogan starts off knocking over 18 barrels, but Bananas makes the biggest splash knocking over 25. Both Kyle and Nelson pull the brake too soon and knock over 0. For the girls, Kaycee and Bayleigh both knock over 18, but Kaycee knocks a barrel farther. Bananas and Kaycee make the tribunal, and pull in Kyle as the third person despite Kaycee wanting to take Fessy.

2. Catching Snakes

It’s time to vote people into elimination, and it’s clear Rogan doesn’t have the votes on his side. So, he volunteers to send himself in. For the girls, it’s less clear. The four girls are in a crossfire: Jenny votes for Dee who returns the vote. Bayleigh votes for Melissa who returns the vote. Fessy then votes for Dee, but Cory finally gets his revenge. He votes in Jenny after she has shown disloyalties to him. Nelson votes for Jenny, and Rogan votes for Jenny after calling her out for working with Bananas all season and conspiring to vote him in (likely why he volunteered, he knew he was going in).

3. Burned By a Burn Vote

After the house vote, Jenny explains the situation to Kaycee, Bananas, and Kyle. She is upset Rogan tried to make her look bad for keeping all the other boys safe when in reality, the entire house was going to vote in Rogan regardless, trying to save him would be a losing battle. After this, Kyle points the finger at Melissa. Her indecision between Dee and Jenny essentially allowed Jenny to go into Purgatory. Now, Jenny might want to face Melissa and this scares Melissa. She cries and apologizes, but Jenny wants to survive in this game despite the mishap at deliberation.

4. Family Ties

The Tribunal have to send down two males and two females. Dee, Bayleigh, Nelson, and Cory get called down which means Kaycee kept her word to keep Fessy safe. For the guys, Cory says he’s in the game to win, but refuses to throw Nelson under the bus and Nelson does the same. For the girls, both say “it is what it is and show indifference. Of course, Dee’s commentary is edited down. Then, Nelson approaches Bananas and Kyle and says to vote him in. He wants Cory to have a better chance of winning for his family, so Nelson will step to the plate. At Purgatory, the Tribunal grants Nelson his wish while surprising Dee and sending her in.

5. The Final Brawl

The game is Hall Brawl, first player to ring the bell twice wins. The girls go first, and Jenny is here to redeem herself after losing last season. She starts off by slamming into Dee, making her fall over and grabbing her shoe in the process. Round two comes and Jenny shoves Dee out of the hall and pushes her body into the bell. Jenny absolutely clobbers Dee. Then, the guys go and put on the real show. Round one is back and fourth. Nelson inches forward, then Rogan, then Nelson. When Nelson has the upper hand he doesn’t let go of Rogan. He misses his window to get to the bell and loses. Then, they go again. This time Rogan gets low and nearly pushes through Nelson. Nelson grabs onto Rogan, and tries to pull him back by his leg. Rogan’s shoe comes off, breaking the hold, but Rogan stumbles. This could give Nelson the opportunity to sprint to his bell first, but he stumbles as well and Rogan takes the victory.

Congratulations MTV, your editing nightmare is over. Off to the finals!

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