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Food Fight! Ten Challenge Controversies Surrounding Food

If you put 30+ people in a house, there’s a few things guaranteed to happen. People will fight, hook up, and get hungry.

Every so often we see food cause an argument, or at the very least, add a little fuel to the fire. These are the time when meals get ruined and fights get started. Whether the food was the reason for the fight or just a casualty, there’s been a lot of beef caused by food (…pun intended).

Drinks may be considered, but the drink cannot be water or alcohol. Booze-fueled arguments are their own topic for another day. The food can also not be part of a challenge, so we won’t be discussing the tomato that pelted Tori’s vagina.

This is a dumb list just for fun. Please enjoy.

10. Sausage Fight (Total Madness)

The beacon of righteousness, Jordan was angered when running caused the turf in the Total Madness bunker to crease. He told Wes to fix it, and Wes confronted Jordan for his controlling nature. Rather than just point, Jordan used a 3-foot sausage to wave in Wes’s face during the argument. This isn’t an innuendo, there was really a long tube of meat.

Jordan also threw a class of orange juice on Wes, but that didn’t make the final edit.

9. Cookie Monster (Rivals)

Mike Mike was usually down with the jokes, and didn’t mind the veterans pranking him on Rivals. At some point, he reached his limit. Kenny and Bananas was chucking cookies and him while he was trying to sleep. He snapped, yelling at them and telling them to stop. Leroy told him to keep his cool; this is the reaction they wanted. Of course, he couldn’t sleep in Leroy’s room because Lee snored too loud.

8. Eggs at Night (Dirty Thirty)

Tony seems to often find himself surrounded by eggs when he’s drunk. On Rivals 3 he smashed a carton of eggs while angry with Camila. On Dirty Thirty, he made eggs after a night of drinking and offered a forkful to Cara Maria. Cara responded with a disgusted no, and then Tony told her she looked like his mom. Cara Maria deflected this, kinda-complimenting his mom but certainly not disrespecting Ms. Raines. Then, drunken Tony argued with Cara for talking about his mom… who he brought into the conversation in the first place. These types of drunken antics got Tony sent into elimination.

7. Mashed Potato Thief (Fresh Meat 2)

Danny Fresh Meat 2

On Fresh Meat, Pete liked potatoes. He spent hours making them and then Danny swiped a handful while drunk. This started an argument between Pete and Danny, and Danny’s partner Sandy tried to calm him down. Danny essentially shushed Sandy and brushed her to the side. This angered Brandon who confronted Danny then got shoved by Danny.

6. Cola Wars (Rivals)

On Rivals, people really liked to pick on Cara Maria. She never handled it well, but Wes crossed a line when he poured an entire bottle of Coke on her head. Everyone on Rivals was going a little crazy but this point, but it’s no excuse. Laurel defected the hatred off Cara and onto Paula, resulting in a verbal lashing for the ages.

5. Chocolate Syrup Fight (Gauntlet 2)

Early into The Gauntlet 2, before the game turned malicious, the cast had a big party. Everyone was allowed to attend: even Beth! While the majority of the cast was having fun, Jo was contemplating going home. The party starts to die down, but some people are still rowdy, especially Derrick and his bottle of chocolate syrup. Jo returns to her room, sees chocolate squirts everywhere and decided she’s leaving and leaving now. Did the chocolate cause her to leave? Maybe not. Did it anger her? 100%.

4. Chips in the Bed (Invasion)

While pranks have become a mainstay on The Challenge, some people don’t take kindly to these antics. When the Champs entered Invasion, Laurel and Camila pranked the Lavender Ladies put putting chips in the bed. Amanda called out Laurel who called the act “initiation”. Soon, Camilianator jumped in and the rest is history.

3. Pizzagate (Vendettas)

After Marie ate a lot of pizza before the rest of the house had the opportunity to get a slice, Brad called her out. Marie had a valid reason: “IT WAS A DIFFERENT SLICE!” Eventually, Brad would discover there was more than enough pizza for everyone. His intentions were sincere, wanting everyone in the house to get some pizza before it was gone, but Marie won’t end a fight easily. She took a leftover box of pizza and tossed it on Brad and Britni during their boom boom time. Marie notably said “you want a pizza me?”

2. Mortuusequusphobia (Rivals 2)

At this point in time, Jemmye’s identity is synonymous with her fear of ketchup. Fans didn’t know this until her third show, Rivals 2, when Knight put some ketchup on her. She freaked out and threw a trash can at him. Knight accepted the beating because he knew what he was doing. Ketchup is Jemmye’s phobia, and now it’s an easy way to get her riled up.

1. Fettuccini Alfredo (Final Reckoning)

Remember the time Cory body slammed Tony on the ground? That was all over some fettuccini Alfredo, more specifically, left over fettuccini Alfredo. Apparently someone sat on Cory’s left overs so Tony took the squished box and flung it out the window of a moving fun. Maybe it was funny in the moment, but definitely not worth the drama in the longterm.


  1. With pizzagate Marie did say she was saving some slices for Kailah, Sylvia and Kam whom she shared a room with and I saw no problem with that.

    1. If the footage is accurate, the remainder of the house was just sitting outside drinking and talking. If they don’t want to get up for pizza, I don’t feel bad.

      Still, I think Brad only meant well even though it might have come out wrong.

  2. I was waiting for a roti reference since it literally cost the veterans the win on the guantlet 2, it created an all or nothing challenge within a challenge for the veterans. Gave the rookies an undeserved win, and since the finale came down to 1 event you never even got to see the rest of it. Roti was the plot device to the entire finale

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