Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Kailah Casillas Engaged to Sam Bird

Kailah hasn’t been quarantining for Season 36, and there’s a good reason. She has been close to her boyfriend Sam Bird. Now, he wears the title of her fiancé.

2020 has been a particularly wild year for Kailah. She ended 2019 by splitting up with Mikey P, and a hook up with Bear would loom over her head. This occurred while filming Total Madness in 2019, but would air along with the season in 2020. After the split from Mikey and closing her chapter with Bear, Kailah began dating Sam Bird.

It seems the two are still on great terms. Kailah took to Instagram to announce her engagement. The picture was taken in Greece, so it seems the couple are gallivanting around Europe. Of course, Sam is from the UK so this isn’t too unusual.

After a series of MTV appearances, it’s great to see Kailah find herself in a positive relationship where she sees a future. I’m happy for Kailah and excited to see what the next chapter brings her.


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