Real World Go Big Or Go Home

Kailah Casillas Marries Sam Bird

Kailah Casillas is a married woman!

Surprise! Kailah Casillas found the altar in Gibraltar. The Real World: Go Big or Go Home roommate has officially ties the knot to her fiancé Sam Bird.

Kailah reveals that the two eloped and she never wanted to have a big wedding. While there may not have been a lot of people physically at the ceremony, Kailah did vlog her big day on her YouTube.

The couple have been together for about two years at this point, starting their romance after Kailah filmed Total Madness and Sam appeared on Ex on the Peak. Now, they are ready for a future that isn’t going to be filmed for MTV.

Of course, Kailah is stunning in her dress. This is a very exciting day for the Challenge alumna; perhaps we’ll hear more about the relationship when she returns for All Stars 3.

For now, I leave the newlyweds with huge congratulations. Hopefully Kailah sees my celebratory words here: she blocked me on Twitter.

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