Big Brother

Big Brother Finally Mentions The Challenge!

Big Brother finally mentioned The Challenge on primetime, and it was at Da’Vonne’s expense.

In a recurring segment/ veto game, Zingbot enters the house and roasts each cast member. No one is immune from his jabs.

His zing against Da’Vonne:

You’ve done three seasons of Big Brother and two seasons of The Challenge. So I’m dying to know which reality show do you plan to… lose next.

In response, Da’Vonne said that she almost won The Challenge. I am sure she is referring to War of the Worlds here when she won three eliminations and was purged toward the end.

Regardless, the relationship between Big Brother and The Challenge is no longer a one-way street! Zingbot has given a nod to the show.

The Challenge has made it onto the livefeeds. Da’Vonne has talked about having fun on the show, Bayleigh discussed her fight with Kaycee, and Da’Vonne discussed her relationship with Paulie. They even mentioned that Paulie was told to be more dramatic for the show.

Hopefully this is the start of a better relationship. Most likely it won’t be, but it is a start.


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