Challenge: Double Agents

Is Double Agent Kam’s Season to Lose?

After taking one season off, is Kam in the best position to win Double Agents?

Double Agents only has a handful of winners on the cast. There are plenty of rookies, but there are even more veterans fighting for their first win. Perhaps the most notable is Kam.

Kam’s done four prior seasons and made the final on two: Vendettas and War of the Worlds 2. She made it close to the end on Final Reckoning, but only midway on the original War of the Worlds 2.

Coming onto Double Agents, Kam is in a good position. She has a lot of her allies from War of the Worlds 2 by her side and she boasted she was the biggest threat in the game. While some may view this as a sign of confidence, it’s not a terribly outlandish claim. Kam has a lot of elimination/ redemption wins and had been a savvy political player.

We know Double Agents will have a skull twist, but only five skulls will be in play. Killa Kam could easily get one of those skulls because she’s good at elimination. Then, who’s going to want to challenge her? Like Kenny on The Island, I don’t think she’s going to be anyone’s first target. She could probably take out a modest competitor then float until the end.

I firmly believe she could do that, but she won’t. Kam is also one of the smarter people in the game. After Total Madness, I am sure she is scheming over the skull twists. I would anticipate Kam would try to play a more difficult social game by setting up eliminations that will help her long term. She probably wants the other threats to be removed from the game so she won’t see them in the final. I could also see her orchestrating eliminations between two skull holders, so one skull is taken out of play.

I would rank Kam among the best girls this season. Of course, she does have some areas where she’ll struggle. A puzzle took her out of War of the Worlds 2 in the final, and we’re sure to see puzzles this time around. But Kam is probably aware of her weaknesses and will try to eliminate people who could outperform her.

We do have people like Lolo, Nicole Z., and Kaycee this season. All of those girls have physical strength, but Kam is a more well-rounded player. I don’t think Kam will effortlessly win this season, but going into the show, I would place her as the front runner. Perhaps by a thin margin, but she has strong allies, political awareness, and a cutthroat demeanor. All of these elements will take her far in the game.

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