Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Screen Shots from Trailer 3

Another trailer has been released and broken down.

Production has released another trailer. This joins the archive of teasers, trailers, and commercials for Double Agents.

Per usual, this hold a spoiler implication. You will see people in eliminations and Challenges. It doesn’t take a genius to derive some of the events that occur this season.

Swimming Challenge
Tori in elimination
Big T
This image of CT that comes on all the promos for some reason.
Cory and Tori
CT and Lio
Natalie and Lolo
Darrell and Amber in a challenge
Nelson in elimination
Helicopter challenge
Part of the helicopter challenge
Kaycee in elimination
The swimming Challenge
Who’s this chick skydiving?
CT in a challenge
The millionaire
Lio in an argument
Lolo climbing a hill. Kaycee and Nicole trail behind

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