Challenge: Double Agents

Which Tori Will We See on Double Agents?

Tori is back, but is she ready to compete?

Coming onto her fifth proper Challenge, Tori has given viewers varying performances during her time on the show.

On Dirty Thirty she made it all the way to the final, only winning one elimination, but consistently giving strong performances. Then, she returned for Final Reckoning where she was able to peg all shortcomings on Derrick. On War of the Worlds 2 she exceeded all expectations, winning a couple eliminations and defeating Georgia and Jenny. She almost won that season, but was the sole member of the UK team who was purged. She should have been riding high after that season, but we saw a very anxious player on Total Madness who lost against Jenna.

Now, she has the chance to redeem herself from Total Madness. Will she?

Aneesa and Tori MTV

For the first time in two years, Tori will be on a Challenge without Jordan. There’s no doubt that Tori is a good competitor, but she had benefitted from having Jordan on her side. On Dirty Thirty the two are essentially a pair, and she did quite well that season.

We now know that Tori has recently broken up with Jordan. There is a possibility she is entering this season at a crossroads. She may be struggling with her relationship and this could bleed into her game. If we look at last season, but Jenna and Kailah had to deal with relationship drama in the game and this hurt them overall.

The skull twist is also coming back on Double Agents. Last season Tori was fearful she wouldn’t get her skull. That sense of anxiety may come back this season and prevent her from developing a strong longterm strategy.

Looking at Tori objectively, it seems she’s in a bad position this season. She might surprise us and pull out an underdog success story, but everything that has benefitted her in the past seems to be gone. This time, we will see how she performs without the support of Jordan and an inability to coast by. I’m sure she will have friends who will help her, but ultimately, she will need to make her own moves. Other players are in positions where they have more support, but for Tori, she will be her own best ally.

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