Challenge: Double Agents

Is Fessy Ready to See Another Final?

Fessy may have been an all star rookie last season, but can he maintain that success?

On Total Madness, Fessy made it to the final as a rookie. He eliminated 3-time-champion Jordan and put a lot of fear into new and old competitors alike.

Now, competitors have an idea of who Fessy is. He’s just as big as before, but other players have seen his strengths and weaknesses.

On Double Agents, I fully anticipate the other guys to be intimidated by Fessy’s size. No one wants to see him in a physical elimination, and seeing him in a Hall Brawl or Pole Wrestle is essentially a death sentence. However, he’s very beatable. Not every competition is going to be physical, and when it comes to puzzles or logic then Fessy could easily be defeated.

A smart player would get power and try to orchestrate an elimination between Fessy and a second strong male. This way Fessy would take out his opponent, or there’d be be a puzzle and Fessy could be taken out. Either way, this is would be a huge elimination that leverages Fessy’s size or removes the threat of his size from the game.

But, Fessy is the honorary third member of Team Young Buck now. He’ll have allies this game, and that could put him in a position to pick his opponents in his elimination. He’s also allegedly single this season, so he could approach the social game from a different angle. Flirting isn’t out of the question, and polidicking could be part of the strategy.

Unless someone pulls the trigger on Fessy and orchestrates the perfect elimination, I think he’ll have an easier road to the end. His size is a huge intimidation factor, but he didn’t perform too well in the Total Madness final. The endurance factor got to him, and the puzzles and math derailed his progress. For a lot of competitors, their best chance at beating Fessy is in the final rather than an elimination.

If we’re being honest, I’d be Fessy has a good chance at seeing another final. Does that mean he’ll win? Unlikely.

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  1. Hey dude. I don’t think this is a relevant topic right now, but I have a list idea for you. Make a list of challenge competitors from some of the older seasons, who you feel like absolutely wouldn’t survive a modern day challenge. The only one for me that really comes to mind is Katie. Could you imagine Katie on a season like Total Madness lol

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