Challenge: Double Agents

Aneesa & Fessy: Dream Team or Doomed Team?

Fessy didn't seem to happy when Aneesa picked him as a partner. Is this a bad partnership?

Double Agents opened with a partner twist, and as winner of the first challenge Aneese had the ability to pick her partner. With the choice of every male, she opted to work with the male winner of the day: Fessy.

Aneesa was stoked, but Fessy wasn’t as excited. In fact, most of the guys seemed relieved that they didn’t have to work with Aneesa. Regardless, the two are tied to each other for the time being.

So is this a bad match? After all, both won the mission. Clearly they have some abilities.

If you look at Aneesa, she has a lot of strengths in the game but her weaknesses are just as obvious. She comes into the game with strength, but this is usually seen in shorter bursts where she exhausts all her strength in minutes. Endurance and speed aren’t really her forte.

Meanwhile, Fessy was a D1 football player. He’s arguably the strongest male, super fast, and has some endurance. He doesn’t have the most endurance, as we saw on the Total Madness final, but he can at least get across the finish line. Fessy’s major weaknesses lie in the areas of logic and puzzles. This is where Aneesa shines. She’s pretty good at puzzles and can figure out solutions to complex situations. This could benefit Fessy.

Like last season, Fessy has allies. When he doesn’t do well, he’s can usually avoid elimination because his friends will have his back. He never really had to do well in puzzles like his life depended on it, but Aneesa could turn his weakness as a strength for the team. Meanwhile, Fessy could probably pick up Aneesa’s slack in speed and strength missions and carry her to the finish line.

Ultimately, this is a team that complements each other quite well. It’s also a team where each partner could compromise the other’s biggest strengths. While this could make Aneesa and Fessy frustrated, their game is far from over.

The partner twist will allow one person to switch teams if they win a skull. If Fessy is really unhappy with Aneesa, he’ll just leave the partnership after winning.

If we’re being honest, Aneesa has more to gain in their partnership. Fessy made it to the end last season while Aneesa came close but didn’t see the final. Still, Aneesa brings something to the table and could help Fessy in the game.

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