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Stephen Bear Post Video Grieving. Is It a Ploy for Sympathy?

Georgia and Bear's incident has evolved into a cryptic video on Bear's Instagram.

Last week, Georgia Harrison went on social media to address a video that Bear was sharing. In this video, the two were having sex but Georgia was unaware she was being recorded.

Since then, Bear has been receiving a lot of hate from viewers. Understandably, they are appalled that Georgia has been violated in such a fashion while Bear continues to have fun and mock the incident.

Last night, on a video that Bear still has on a video that his Instagram, Bear can be seen crying. The video is off center, kind of fuzzy, but you can hear that Bear is upset. He talks about the stress of the incident and claims he just wants to make people happy. He also says he was given medicine but does not want to take it.

While some cast members have written to support Bear or provide some direction, media outlets seem to imply Bear has more sinister intents. A few days prior to the video, Bear had discussed using a fake suicide attempt to gain sympathy. He said he’d have one of his friends save him, and all would be well.

Despite all of this, Georgia has written on Instagram to say Bear is most likely fine and the Dubai (where Bear currently is) authorities have been notified. She had been impacted personally by suicide and takes these types of threats seriously.

I hope Bear isn’t trying to take his life, though this would be a pitiful attempt to get attention. I am hoping he survives this incident and receives help. Regardless of his intents, this is not a normal reaction and his response should be addressed.


  1. Good, I hope he serves a lot of time, he is a disgusting human for recording himself & his then girlfriend in “the Act of Intimacy” without her knowledge & then putting it out to the public!!!! UGH

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