Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 2

A recap of The Challenge: Double Agents episode 2

CT is back, but Aneesa showed her hand.

  1. Frozen Solid
Ice Spy Challenge

The Challenge is called Ice Spy. Competitors need to win in glacier water and retrieve a block of ice. Then, they must smash the ice and receive a “kill” token. With the kill, they put it on an opponent’s board. If a team has they kills, they’re out. Everyone targets Wes & Natalie first, then they go after rookies. Eventually, we get to a standstill. Teams like Fessy & Aneesa, Leroy & Kaycee, and Cory & Tori aren’t making moves because they don’t want to put a kill in a board in front of their opponents’ eyes. The last few teams work together, ultimately giving the win to Fessy & Aneesa… again.

2. Skull and Crossed

Alliance chat double agents

Now that the skull twist is common knowledge, the cast is trying to determine the best way to eliminate threats and get a skull. Joseph wants to sacrifice himself, but Fessy seems to have other plans. He wants to have the house vote Wes into elimination, then he will sacrifice himself if it’s a physical elimination. Otherwise, he will send someone strong against Wes to ensure a threat goes home. Wes pleads not to be blindsided, claiming he will work with Fessy and his allies. He tries to reason with them, but it doesn’t seem he’s convinced the Young Bucks.

3. Jacob’s Ladder

Some teams are growing stronger, like Lolo and Nam who have developed semi-romantic feelings. Other teams are plotting to get rid of their partners. Devin and Kyle share this frustration and orchestrate a plan to have Joseph nominated by the house. This will strip Fessy of some power, force Big T to work with CT (who’s now a Rogue Agent) and potentially give Fessy & Aneesa’s nominee an easy win. This idea is echoed by Big T, who is frustrated by her partner and his unwillingness to work with him. At deliberation, Joseph says he wants the house to vote Wes into elimination but it seems everyone would rather see Joseph in elimination. Perhaps Joseph is really bad at defending himself, or maybe Kyle and Devin did a lot of work behind the scenes that we never saw.

4. The Blind Leading the Backstabbed

Fessy & Aneesa go to The Chamber and receive a surprise: Joseph & Big T were voted into elimination. Then they see that Kyle has voted in Jospeh despite the fact that Kyle told them he voted in Wes. This annoys Fessy & Aneesa and they realize Kyle is playing a sneaky game. Now Kyle is on Fessy’s radar, but he maintains that he could go into elimination himself if it’s physical. However, the elimination doesn’t look physical so Fessy passes. As a team, they shoot their shot at Kyle because he’s a liar now. This sets up a match between Kyle and Joseph, but Cory is mad because he put his neck on the line voting for Wes when Fessy isn’t even using his power to take a shot at Wes.

5. Ringleader

Kyle Doube Agents elimination

The elimination is called Ring of Spies. It’s basically pole wrestle with a ring, so Fessy feels really dumb about now. Put the ring on your pole twice and you win. As a motocross racer who got cramps, Joseph licks mustard for good luck before elimination because it allegedly prevents cramps….. OK. The horn blows and Joseph gets low. This makes it hard for Kyle to get the ring away from Joseph, but everyone sees Kyle is playing offense and Joseph is just defense. Kyle gets the ring on his pole first, and we’re onto round two. This time Joseph is a little more aggressive but he just falls to the ground and gets in the same position. Kyle gets the ring and on his pole. Kyle is back in the game and infiltrates Kam & Josh. Josh is with Nany now and luckily for Big T, her partner is gone and she’s with CT now.

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