Challenge: Double Agents

Where Are All the Rookies?

Ten rookies, but only a few matter. Where'd they go?

On Double Agents, we have ten rookies on the cast. Three episodes into the season, and it feels like most of them have barely gotten a confessional. What’s going on with these newbies, and why haven’t they been shown this season?


Firstly, we have Joseph. Of course, he’s gone now. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot to his story, so the edit we saw was probably a good representation of him. Apparently he was friends with Cory and Leroy, but beyond that, his edit seems to be a worthy representation of his performance on the show. 

Next, we have Nam and Lolo. These two have both received a decent edit, especially on episode two. Being an Olympian, Lolo has been noted for her strength and intimidation factor. To a lesser degree, Nam has received a similar edit. He comes from a Ninja Warrior type of show. Not everyone knows this show, but his presence is felt in the house. 

We also have Natalie, who also has received an OK edit. She won the first elimination, but her social game mostly resolved around Wes. Apparently she celebrated her elimination victory and called out the house. This was not shown on TV. Now that she’s paired with Cory, there’s a good chance her story will continue. 

Amber and Mechie

The biggest WTF comes from the lack of Amber M. and Liv on the show. Both girls were attracted to Mechie and Amber has been hooking up with him. This whole storyline is edited out of the show, leaving both girls with bring portrayals. In fact, three episodes into the show and Amber M. has not even received a confessional. Mechie also gets little screen time, but he was gotten a little attention. He’s been involved in some strategies, but he was also missing from the house for a couple f days. After the second challenge he was taken to the hospital for a couple days and treated for hypothermia due to the cold water. 

Amber B. just got her first confession in episode three. Apparently she’s a crier and she should be part of the Big Brother storyline. However, Darrell hasn’t played an aggressive game yet and she’s just been coasting so far. 

Then there’s Lio and his partner Gabby. As a team, they were early targets but skated by thanks to Kam make the champions bigger targets. Since then they’ve coasted in the middle, though they seem they should still be targets. Gabby apparently didn’t make a lot of connections in the game, but she is friends with some of the UK players. Lio was also given an underdog edit in episode on, being portrayed as a family man. Since then, we haven’t seen much. 

I anticipate the stronger rookies will play a bigger role moving forward. Liv’s fate in the game is up in the air due to her arm injury, but other competitors appear to have been edited out. It seems as if production views some people as disposable, and their storylines will be discarded with them. 


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