The Challenge

Next Challenge Seasons on Netflix: Which Ones Should We Get?

Netflix surprised fans with The Duel and The Inferno 2. If we get two more seasons, which should they be?

When The Challenge came to Netflix at the end of 2020, it was a nice and unexpected treat. The show has been available on other platforms for a while now, but fans of the show who only had Netflix were able to take a trip down memory lane.

There are no explicit plans to add more seasons of the show to Netflix. It’s also not out of the realm of possibilities, as MTV is dedicated to continuing the franchise. This is entirely hypothetical, but I’d like to predict/ suggest the next two seasons we’d see on the streaming service. Keep in mind, I have no inside info. I’m only going to list two seasons because Netflix gave us two last time. They could release one season at a time, or they could drop a 30 season bomb on us. You never know.

Before we explore the possibilities of future Netflix seasons, we need to understand why The Duel and The Inferno 2 were picked to stream. Likely, The Duel was picked to reel in older Challenge fans with a trip down memory lane. Aneesa, Wes and CT are on Double Agents, so this season can double as promo for the current season. All three made if far on The Duel, and The Duel was a very popular season based on rating. On the other hand, The Inferno 2 features CT and Darrell, but that’s not the only reason Netflix is interested. Karamo is currently on Queer Eye on Netflix, so it’s a natural tie-in for the service.

Prediction #1: Battle of the Exes


There’s no other obvious Karamo-like tie-ins to Netflix shows when we look at other Challenge casts. Dave Giuntoli has found some success acting, but to my knowledge he has not appeared on Netflix. Instead, Netflix can use the Exes theme to relate to their love-based reality shows like Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. This season is also a continuation of the CT & Diem storyline seen on The Duel (and Mark & Robin storyline from Inferno 2). Exes was a very popular theme, features a lot of big names, and is old enough that it could be shipped to Netflix. The only reason this season wouldn’t get on Netflix would be due to one unfortunate incident with Nutella.

Prediction #2: Battle of the Sexes 2

Back in 2004, Battle of the Sexes 2 had a stacked cast. Every big name from the show was on the cast, and seventeen years later it’s the best collection of Old Schoolers you can find. To serve as promo for the OG Challenge, this season will feature a bunch of great faces. It may be a longshot to see this season again, but Challenge fans were so delighted by The Inferno 2 that this duplicate the excitement. Plus, it’s the predecessor to The Inferno 2 and gives some context to this season.

Truthfully, we might be lucky to get anything on Netflix. I hope to see more seasons, and welcome anything production has to offer.

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