Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 4

The most important events that happened on Episode 4 of Double Agents

We return the game after a week off and a ginger gone.

  1. Devinstation

After winning elimination, Devin comes back into the house with his new partner Tori. She’s not happy to be with him, especially because they’re playing different games. While Tori is off in the hot tub making nice with Fessy, Devin is talking to a different crowd. He gets inspired by Big T’s life story, then immediately starts picking on Amber M. He tries to bully her out of the room, stating he’s not sure why she’s even there. Amber refuses to leave, but the next morning Nelson confronts Devin for making his partner upset.

2. Down the Tubes

Jay Theresa Challenge

This week’s Challenge is called drone control, and it’s just a silly reason to use a bunch of spy-themed terminology. Before the game starts, TJ announces Liv has left the game due to her arm injury. Teams need to navigate a drone down a tunnel while their partner wears a VR headset and sees the footage from the drone. The drone will pick up codes, and teams need to enter the code correctly in fastest time to win. Believe it or not, no one really knows how to fly a drone and most teams can’t find the codes. They crash into calls and hit the ground, ending their run quickly. Tori and Devin put their forced partnership to the test, and manage to complete the challenge in under eight minutes. They’re the only team to complete the challenge, so they get the win.

3. Josh’s Weekly Outburst

The cast enjoys a night “out” in their in-house club. While some people dance and Fessy tries to flirt with Gabby, Tori and Devin are talking game. Devin decides he’d consider voting Josh and Nany, but Tori is close with Josh. She conveys this to Josh, and Josh tries to make a plan for elimination. While doing this, he questions Jay’s loyalty because he believes Jay is close with Devin. Now Josh is jeopardizing his alliance with Jay, even though Kaycee insists Jay is loyal. By the end of the argument, Josh proposes Jay and Theresa go into elimination.

4. Big Little Allies

Compromised Nelson and Amber M

At the house vote, a few names come to surface. Nelson & Amber M. are discussed, as are Josh & Nany and Jay & Theresa. It seems most people are opting for Nelson & Amber, mostly because the girls are hoping to compete against Amber if they go into elimination. When Devin & Tori enter the chamber, they see Nelson & Amber’s faces. Now they need to make their decision with one of their options off the table. Tori insists she’ll go in if she sees Hall Brawl, and when she gets to elimination that’s exactly what she sees.

5. Allies Brawling

Nelson Fessy Hall Brawl

At The Crater, Tori asks TJ if a male or female will be competing. He doesn’t give a straight answer and Devin begs Tori not to go down and ruin his game. So, Tori passes on her opportunity to gives her vote to Fessy & Aneesa claiming “he wanted it.” Devin repeats the vote, and now Fessy & Aneesa are going down because they think Hall Brawl will be an easy skull for either competitor, but TJ says it’s a male elimination. Despite Nelson’s great elimination record, Fessy is huge and he’s lost Hall Brawl in the past. In the first round, there’s a huge collision but they end up wrestling on the ground with Nelson inching forward. It ends in a sprint where Fessy narrowly beats Nelson. The second round isn’t as close, and Fessy rings the bell again getting his win. Nelson is sent home, betrayed by Fessy. Now, Fessy has his skull and takes Kaycee as his partner. Leroy chooses to take Aneesa, and by default Amber M. is paired with Mechie.

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