Challenge: Double Agents

Tori Denies Cheating on Jordan With Fessy

Production seems to imply Tori is mingling with Fessy. Tori denies any wrongdoing.

Prior to the start of Double Agents, Tori and Jordan announced their split. It seemed amicable, at least based on their social media feeds.

Now, we are starting to see the beginning of the end. In a preview for tomorrow’s episode, Fessy admits his attraction for Tori during his confessional.

Tori addressed this clip in her Instagram Story. She said that Fessy’s confessional doesn’t mean anything. While this is true, the context of the clip is very suggestive. Fessy stated that he never got to know Tori on Total Madness because she was always with Jordan. Now that Jordan isn’t on the season, Tori is off mingling with Fessy in the hot tub.

Despite the edit, Tori and Fessy aren’t even touching each other in the clip. There’s really nothing more than a simple confession by Fessy.

This edit isn’t helped by two posts shared on Reddit. Apparently, Tori and Fessy have been spotted vacationing together in Turks and Caicos.

Again, these pictures are very recent. Ignoring that fact that they’re vacationing during a global pandemic, neither are cheating here. Jordan and Tori announced their split around Thanksgiving and Fessy has spent much of December traveling.

Technically, there is no intimacy between Fessy and Tori that overlaps with Jordan and Tori’s relationship. The timeline is a bit blurry, but that doesn’t mean anyone is betraying another person. The evidence does not suggest Tori cheated on Jordan, but production is certainly trying to facilitate this story line. I don’t see any foul play here, but I’m sure Derrick Henry would have a different perspective.


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