Challenge: Double Agents

Why Does Devin Dislike Amber M.?

The Devin and Amber M. argument. Where did that come from?

On episode 4 of The Challenge, we saw Devin take issue with Amber M. The two had some animosity, and Devin tried to get her to leave the room while he was talking with Big T and Kyle.

Amber M Devin

Where does this beef come from? The edit of the show makes it look like Devin is just picking on Amber M. claiming he “knows people like Amber M.” What does that even mean?

According to the most recent Aftermath episode, Devin explained why he found Amber M. suspicious. Last week, Amber told Devin she did not vote him into elimination. Later, Nelson told Devin that Amber did vote him into elimination. This would have occurred during the episode 3 vote, and Devin did see that elimination.

It was a move akin to Kyle’s on episode 2. Regardless, Amber did lie to Devin. Not that she has an allegiance to him, but this does make her look suspicious.

That’s the root of the beef. It’s not too deep, but not baseless. The episode would make you think Devin is just picking on Amber for fun. He’s probably blowing the disagreement out of proportion, but he’s not pulling it out of thin air.

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