Challenge: Double Agents

Was Fessy Wrong to Face Nelson?

Fessy took his ally out of the game. Was it a dumb move?

After fighting tooth and nail, Nelson has gone home in a game of Hall Brawl… again. On Total Madness he volunteered himself into the game to keep Cory safe. A noble move, but Rogan had no loyalty to Nelson. He gave Nelson all the props in the world, but Rogan doesn’t need to feel bad about eliminating Nelson.

On the other hand, Fessy has been Nelson’s ally. Team Young Buck has welcomed Fessy into their group and taken him under their wings. In all actuality, they’ve probably done more for Fessy than Fessy did for them.

In the third male elimination, Fessy saw a hall. This could only mean on thing: Hall Brawl. We knew Nelson or Amber M. would be competing, but Fessy had no qualms going against his ally.

Fessy knew what he was doing, and after his victory he claimed you need to be selfish to win The Challenge.

Despite having is skull now, Fessy knew he’d be rocking the boat by taking out an ally. Nelson put up a great fight and even shook Fessy’s confidence, but he ultimately lost. Now Nelson needs to return to the house and face the repercussions of his actions.

Fessy definitely made himself look like a snake here. Team Young Buck is one of the most defined alliances and everyone knew they’d protect Fessy. He was part of the group, but Cory has friendships beyond TYB. Now, Cory has every reason to try to put Fessy back in The Crater. Socially, Fessy made the game much harder for himself.

This also highlights the weaknesses of Fessy (an a lot of other Challenge men). He’s so determined to see a strength-based elimination that it can jade his longterm game. Fessy is not a well-rounded player. He’s very beatable in elimination that aren’t physical. He wanted to guarantee a victory as best as he could. Of course, he could have volunteered to go against Joseph. Fessy claims he didn’t know that elimination was going to be physical, so he skipped out on it. That should tell you how scared he his to compete in anything that isn’t a guaranteed physical match-up.

There really isn’t a lot of justification for Fessy to go into this elimination. Yes, he has his skull, but he also painted a target on his back. There will be many more male eliminations, and he’s not immune from returning.

Now, Nelson is hurt. This friendship has actually been damaged, and all Fessy has to show is a gold skull a quarter of the way through the game.

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