Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 5

The most important events that happened on Episode 5 of Double Agents

Welcome to the fall out after Fessy eliminated Nelson.

  1. Fessy’s Fallout
Fessy Cory Fight

Coming back from elimination, Cory is heated. He confronts Fessy when the cast gets back to the house, telling Fessy that he stabbed Nelson in the back. Fessy claims he was going to lose a friend either way, as he’s also close with Josh. Despite any justification, Cory is pissed. Of course, Josh jumps into the conversation and says he was begging to go into elimination against Nelson. Then Tori jumps in to tell Josh she thought he was doing him a favor because Nelson would have killed him in that elimination. No one is buying it, and now Tori and Fessy are looking super sketchy. They’re making sloppy moves, and the rookies start scheming against Tori.

2. Over the Edge

Jay holding Theresa

Prior to the weekly challenge, TJ receives some intel. Natalie has an important family matter at home, and she has to leave the game. Now, three girls have left outside of The Crater. So, he triggers a “security breech” and brings Ashley back to the game and she’s paired with Cory.

The challenge is called Agent Down and it’s played in two heats. Within the heats, there are two stages. First, the men must pull 200 meters of rope through a hole as fast as the can. Meanwhile, the females are standing on a ledge at the edge of a cliff. The men have limited time to pull the rope, and eventually TJ pushes a button and the ledge disappears. This means the men are holding their partners. If they let go, their partner falls. In heat one, Leroy and Devin don’t complete the rope pull in time so Aneesa and Tori just fall. Then, the other competitors hang on. People drop until Jay & Theresa are the last team left. They don’t immediately drop, because their time will be compared to the second heat. In the second heat, Kyle finished the rope pull first, but Cory doesn’t event complete it. Ashley just falls, then the rest of the competitors hang on. CT & Big T are the last ones, which isn’t a shock because of the size differences. It comes down to CT & Big T’s time compared to Jay & Theresa’s, and in the end, CT & Big T win.

3. A Weak Game

Tori Big T

The cast goes “out” after the Challenge, and Big T is letting her power go to her head. She’s asking everyone who’d they like to see go into elimination while taking bribes from people. When she talks to Tori, she doesn’t get a good answer. Tori wants to see smaller girl because she wants to face someone she can beat in elimination. Big T doesn’t respect that, and Amber M. confronts Tori for being “weak” socially. It becomes clear Tori and Aneesa have played a sloppy social game and the rookies are more clever than some people anticipated.

4. Small People Vote Big

Big T CT Chamber

At the deliberation, Gabby breaks the silence and calls out the fact that bigger girls are targeting smaller girls. Aneesa admits that everyone has some fear of elimination, but Tori insists that everyone is weak until they’ve proven themselves. So a lot of the rookies girls are “weak” but her standard. Then the cast votes, and the veterans seem to be targeting Amber M. & Mechie while rookies are targeting Aneesa & Leroy. There’s also Cory who seeks vengeance on Fessy by voting him in, but that’s just a burn because Aneesa & Leroy get the house vote. Now CT & Big T have to pick the opponent. Big T wants Tori to go in while CT might want to send in Lolo. He’d only say her name if Lolo feels comfortable, as he’s using this to build some trust with rookies.

5. Missing the Targets

Asset Destruction

At The Crater, there’s two big walls of skulls. Neither Big T nor CT go down, so Big T votes in Tori & Devin. CT joins her, and now Aneesa & Tori are facing each other because it’s a female elimination. Two best friends enter and only one will get a gold skull. The game is called Asset Destruction and it’s a bit of a guessing game. The girls start by pulling a crate full of “bombs” along a beam. Eventually, it gets to the end all of the bombs drop. Competitors have a wall of 25 targets, 13 can be destroyed while the rest are hollow. The first girl to get a ball through all 13 targets wins. Aneesa reaches the end of the beam first and starts getting her targets. Meanwhile, Tori’s bombs don’t tip out of the crate and she loses time. Aneesa starts making targets, while Tori struggles, and struggles, and struggles. By the time Tori tips her bombs, Aneesa has made 10 targets. Tori picks up her pace, but it’s too little too late. Aneesa wins.

Now Tori is gone, and Aneesa steals back her partner Fessy. This leaves Kaycee without a partner, and she takes back her original partner Leroy. Devin is now a rogue agent without a partner.

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