Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 3

The most important moments on Episode 3 of Spies Lies & Allies

No rookie is safe, but no veteran is immune.

  1. Veteran Revolution

The house is dividing, and the rookies are realizing they’re outnumbered in the game. However, Big T seems to have a closer social game with the rookies than the veterans. She was unaware of Fessy’s plan to target Kelz last week, and she knows she’s the lowest member of the veteran alliance. Meanwhile, some rookies are buddying up with the veterans. Most notably, Berna has strong ties with Nelson. Maybe that can help her stay safe?

2. Off the Ledge

The cast is playing Sea Cave Recon, Competitors need to jump into the ocean from a cliff, swim to an underwater cave, retrieve “two active bombs”, then get to shore and “deactivate the bombs” by placing them on a podium. To get to shore they hang onto the back of a jet ski, which adds a lot of speed. So much that a couple of the guys lose their shorts. Some people struggle when they get to the cave. The waves are getting wild and some competitors struggle. Jeremiah & Tacha fail to complete the mission, but the real struggle occurs when Tommy emerges from the water naked and disorientated. He banged his head due to the currents, but that doesn’t stop him from finishing. In the end, Ed & Tori beat Corey L. & Michele by less than a second, so they become the Agency.

3. Partner Down

After the mission, the cast returns home with one exception: Tommy has gone to the hospital. He returns later and it is revealed that he has a concussion and needs to leave. This leaves Big T in a bad position. She genuinely feels bad for Tommy, has no partner, and Tori is in power. After Double Agents Tori is doubting Big T and may want to send her into elimination.

4. Survival of the Rookies

At deliberation, Tacha and Jeremiah feel they’re the obvious targets. They know people need to play the game, but they’d rather not go to The Lair. They propose Corey L. and Michele as an alternate, but only because they’re a rookie/rookie team. People are talking, but Big T remains silent. Eventually, she talks and says she knows how to separate friendships and game. Then Tori reminds Big T that she sent her into elimination against her BFF Aneesa on Double Agents. The banter doesn’t do much because Jeremiah & Tacha are voted in.

5. The Slip Up

At the Lair, Tori decides to give Big T a break and say Berna’s name. This is a relief to the veterans, but Tacha is upset because Tori defied her wishes to send in Michele. Then, The Agency votes in Corey L., but TJ reveals that only the women will compete due to Tommy’s departure. The game is called Slipping Up. The players need to create a v-shaped ladder using poles and every pole must be used. The poles can easily be knocked out of their pegs and they need to be positioned correctly because the ladder is wider at the top. As the game progresses, the biggest issue becomes keeping the rungs in place. A small move can knock them off of their pegs. One rung hits Berna and the nose, but she keeps going. Meanwhile, Tacha plays a slower game. This allows her to make progress, but her rungs are still unstable. Slowly, Berna gets to the top and rings her bell. Tacha is eliminated, but not without saying some words to Tori’s “fake ass.”

Berna returns to the game and sticks with CT. Big T and Jeremiah are paired by default.

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