Challenge: Double Agents

Was Tori Too Cocky for Double Agents?

Tori has done well, but does she have a false sense of confidence?

This week we saw the second real female elimination on Double Agents, and best friends Tori and Aneesa faced off. Tori lost, Aneesa got her gold skull, and Tori is heading home.

Prior to this elimination, Tori came across as supremely confident. She wanted to go into Hall Brawl, but she didn’t volunteer herself because Devin wanted to keep himself safe. Then she sent in Fessy because she wanted to give him the elimination he wants.

Tori had power, she had opportunities, and she lost it all. After the fourth mission, she went around the house saying she’d like to see a weaker girl in elimination because she wants someone she can beat. It’s similar to Total Madness where she wanted the easiest possible route to a red skull.

Objectively, Tori did have some impressive highlights this season. She tackled the code of out Lolo’s hands on Mission Decryption, she had CT and Cory trying to grab her as a partner, she defeated Liv in Road Kill (ultimately injuring her), and she won Drone Control. She’s done pretty well so far, but the only time she really had power she just gave control to Fessy.

Her biggest issue comes with her sense of entitlement and her lack of self-awareness. She went around the house saying people needed to prove themselves or they’d be seen as weak. In reality, no one has to prove themselves in anything other than elimination. So few people fit her definition of “not weak” that they could unite and vote Aneesa into elimination. This allowed Tori to face her best friend in The Crater.

I will admit, it sucks that Tori’s crate didn’t flip as easily as Aneesa’s in Asset Destruction. If that happened to on of my favorite competitors, I’d be annoyed. People want to say this is “karma,” but it looks like a lack of quality control from production. Aneesa’s crate flipped fairly easily, which is why she hit ten out of her thirteen targets before Tori could thrown a ball. In fact, I would say that Tori would have won if her crate flipped when she first pulled it to the end of its track.

I don’t think this would have given her a straight ride to the final. Tori has proven she’s a competitor, but there are too many people in this game to dismiss them all as weak. Her cockiness allowed her to miscategorize unknown potential as weakness. This is the reason she was voted in, and it would have given her issues moving forward. Now, Aneesa deal with the consequences. He was closely aligned with Tori, but she does come across as more sincere when she says rookies can be strong. Aneesa will still need to struggle in the game, but her struggle won’t be as severe as Tori’s.

If Tori comes back, hopefully this is a humbling experience and she doesn’t underestimate her competing. A lot of people felt Tori was too cocky. That allowed her to be voted into The Crater with Aneesa.

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