The Challenge

Stephen Bear Arrested After Leaking Georgia Harrison’s Sex Tape

Bear is arrested after sharing revenge porn featuring Georgia Harrison

Toward the end of 2020, Georgia made some very public and emotional claims stating Stephen Bear leaked an intimate video of her on his Only Fans. There were screen shots and evidence, but Bear claims it was not Georgia in the video.

Since the end of 2020, Bear has been in Dubai. Today he returned to the UK and was detained at the airport.

Currently, Bear is being held for questioning.

This has been an ongoing struggle, as Bear has shown some signs of mental distress during the situation. Even Georgia checked on his physical safety during this.

Meanwhile, Bear’s house has been boarded up. His neighbors are aware of the scandal, but he hasn’t been home in weeks.

It seems real charges are going to be pressed, assuming Bear really is guilty of this crime.


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